Current Construction & Roadwork Updates

Each week during the construction season, we’ll be updating this page with information about the progress on our construction projects. Offseason updates (November-March) will be less frequent due to less activity.

Do not touch, move, or remove cones, signs, and barricades in roadwork and construction zones. 
Displacing site tools impedes and prolongs work.
Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are urged to avoid construction areas.
Pay close attention to traffic control signs, detours, and reduce speeds in work zones.

Current Roadwork Projects

Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Intersection Improvement
🔶 Good news, Frederick! The Colorado & Tipple intersection reopened on schedule on November 11 after a necessary full closure.🔶 

Planned work in progress:

NW Quadrant

  • UNDERWAY – Backfill for finish grading.
  • COMPLETE – Placement of millings for Halleck Tipple Pkwy access road and temporary access for use during full closure reconstruction.
  • PLANNED – Remove temporary detour road, place millings to build up Halleck Tipple Pkwy access road.

NE Quadrant

  • UNDERWAY – Backfill for finish grading.
  • PLANNED – Installation of pedestrian hand rail over Tri-Town Drainage Way culvert at Tipple Pkwy.
  • COMPLETE/PLANNED – Removal of power utility poles. Relocation planned in November. United Power – Jared Odom

SW Quadrant 

  • COMPLETE – Backfill and finish grading of SVVSD street landscaping with the placement of weed fabric and mulch.
  • NEEDED – Relocation of SVVSD irrigation line.
  • COMPLETE/PLANNED – Removal of an ornamental street light. Relocation is planned for November. United Power – Jared Odom

SE Quadrant

  • UNDERWAY – Backfill for finish grading.
  • COMPLETE/PLANNED – Removal of an ornamental street light. Relocation is planned for November. United Power – Jared Odom

Full Intersection

  • COMPLETE – 10/24 through 11/11 – Full intersection closure.
  • COMPLETE – Removal and disposal of asphalt and aggregate base course in areas of full-depth reconstruction.
  • COMPLETE – Subgrade preparation and recompaction.
  • COMPLETE – Placement and compaction of aggregate base course, rough and finish grading.
  • COMPLETE – Removal of existing signal caissons for curb/gutter radius tie-ins.
  • COMPLETE – Concrete curb/gutter radius tie-ins.
  • COMPLETE –  Concrete formwork installation for sidewalk tie-in and curb ramps.
  • UNDERWAY – Week of 11/07 – Concrete placement for sidewalk and curb ramps. SW, SE, and NE complete with NW planned Friday, 11/11.
  • UNDERWAY – Asphalt paving 11/3 through 11/9. Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA) is currently planned with Warm Mix Asphalt (WMA) alternative consideration due to concerns with required paving temperatures.
  • COMPLETE – Asphalt base course paving.
  • COMPLETE – Milling operations of the roadway.
  • COMPLETE – Asphalt top mat paving. 
  • UNDERWAY - Roadway signage installation, additional lane traffic signal signage needed. 
  • COMPLETE - thermoplastic pavement markings and epoxy roadway striping.
  • UNDERWAY – Pedestrian detour to 5th Street roundabout via east Colorado Blvd or Majestic St/McClure Ave.
  • COMPLETE – Traffic signal underground boring and conduit.
  • COMPLETE – Traffic signal mast placement.
  • COMPLETE – Ped pole concrete caisson placement.
  • COMPLETE – Ped pole and crossing signage installation.
  • COMPLETE – Week of 10/24 – Signal head assembly.
  • COMPLETE - Signal mast arm installation. 

  • COMPLETE – Traffic signal and pedestrian crossing wiring. 

  • UNDERWAY – Ped pole push button installation following placement of sidewalk to set ADA mounting height. 

  • COMPLETE – Disassembly and removal of existing traffic signals. 

  • COMPLETE – Survey and staking of full intersection improvement.

  • PLANNED – Erosion control mitigation of disturbed ground and seeding. 

  • PLANNED – Installation of barbed wire fencing at Gittlein property ROW boundary.

  • PLANNED – Identify new location of Town Wayfinding and MSP Companies advertisement sign and installation. 

  • PLANNED – Inspection of improvements, identify deficiencies for assembly of corrections items. 

Project Heads Up: The Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Improvement project is a major capital project impacting traffic. As the project progresses, lane closures, slowdowns, and a full intersection closure are expected. The Town is working with surrounding businesses and organizations on traffic flow planning during the project. View the detour map to plan for the expected full intersection closure this fall. Stay tuned for updates on the schedule for the full closure phase of the project.

Project FAQs: Want to know more about this capital project? Please refer to the FAQs on the right side of this page. Do you have questions? Please email us your questions so we can add valuable information for the community!

Project overview: As part of the Town of Frederick’s first Transportation Master Plan (TMP), the FELSBURG HOLT & ULLEVIG (FHU) consultant team provided a recommended transportation improvement project list. One of the key short-term strategies of the recommendations focused on improved intersection operations and added capacity at priority corridors. As a result, FHU and the TMP Planning Action Committee (PAC) recognized the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection as the area of highest need for the Town of Frederick.  

The design phase of the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection improvements was awarded to Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers and finalized in December 2021. The intersection improvements provided the ultimate roadway design, including installing additional auxiliary acceleration and deceleration turn lanes, striping, signage, plus new traffic signals and signal timing to handle the five-lane configuration at the intersection for improved traffic operations. Also included are new ADA curb ramps, sidewalk connections, and pedestrian crossing controls for increased multimodal public safety on a primary route for students traveling to and from Frederick High School. The design also involves installing curb and gutter and other drainage infrastructure for improved drainage in the area as these items currently do not exist on the northern portion of the intersection 

To complete this work, the Town of Frederick has contracted with local firm DeFalco Construction Company to construct the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Intersection Improvement. 

Pavement Management System

Did you know the Town of Frederick maintains more than 104 miles of public streets? To manage this system, the Town Engineering Department and Public Works use a Pavement Management System to assist in evaluating the pavement condition, serviceable life and maintenance strategies for Town-owned roads and alleyways.

Check out the Pavement Management System page to read more about the methods used in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.