Current Construction & Roadwork Updates

Each week during the construction season, we’ll be updating this page with information about the progress on our construction projects. Offseason updates (November-March) will be less frequent due to less activity.

Do not touch, move, or remove cones, signs, and barricades in roadwork and construction zones. 
Displacing site tools impedes and prolongs work.
Motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists are urged to avoid construction areas.
Pay close attention to traffic control signs, detours, and reduce speeds in work zones.

Current Roadwork Projects

2022 Seal Project - Pavement Maintenance Program

The Town of Frederick has contracted Vance Brothers, Inc. for the 2022 Seal Project - Pavement Maintenance Program. This year’s roadway maintenance project will include crack seal, mastic crack seal, slurry seal, striping, and thermoplastic pavement markings.

Crack seal operations are scheduled to begin Monday, March 28. Work in this year’s project will occur in the following subdivisions: Raspberry Hill, Johnson Farm, No Name Creek West, and Wyndham Hill
**UPDATE** Crack seal operations are complete. See below update for Raspberry Hill milling operations work.

**UPDATE** Slurry seal operations are anticipated to begin in early June. The slurry seal application provides a new surface with improved skid resistance and will include short-term closure of roads receiving treatment. Areas of work in this year’s project include subdivisions of Eagle Valley and Downtown Frederick.

Maps with work areas are linked to each listed subdivision. Please be on the lookout for “No Parking” signs and stay off the roads during posted work dates.

2022 Pavement Maintenance Program 

The Town of Frederick has contracted Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc. for the 2022 Pavement Maintenance Program. The maintenance of asphalt pavement will preserve the integrity and expand the life of the roadway preventing more drastic and costly maintenance treatment methods in the future. This year’s Pavement Maintenance Program will include patching and 1.5-inch mill & overlay work throughout the Town. 

Patching with mill & overlay operations are scheduled to begin the week of Tuesday, April 12 and will occur in Raspberry Hill and Wyndham Hill subdivisions. Additional asphalt patching will happen in Downtown Frederick, Wyndham Hill, Johnson Farm, and other areas identified as an area of need. 
Wyndham Hill - Mill & overlay work is complete.
Raspberry Hill - Milling operations have been completed in the Raspberry Hill subdivision, with overlay installation completed on Miller Drive, Johnson Drive, and Morning Harvest Drive. Crack seal and Mastic installation have also been completed within the subdivision. During work on Raspberry Drive, areas of roadway were found to require additional work with pavement and underlying subgrade determined to be unstable. A third-party geotechnical engineer has provided a recommendation to the Town following the operation of subgrade issues on site in the areas of concern. The Town is working with the contractor to implement the recommended corrections. The Town has also inspected the subdivision groundwater underdrain system and has reached out to the Raspberry Hill Home Owners Association to determine its inspection and maintenance records as the owner and responsible party. The intent is for the roadway to remain accessible during work and open to residents and all traffic. Completing this repair is our top priority. 

 We will link maps with work areas to each listed subdivision. Please be on the lookout for “No Parking” signs and stay off the roads during posted work dates. Work dates will be updated here.

2022 Colorado Boulevard Mill & Overlay Project

This capital improvement project is scheduled to start the week of April 18. The Town of Frederick has contracted Asphalt Specialties Company, Inc. for work associated with the 2022 Colorado Boulevard Mill & Overlay Project. The Town completed patching work in 2021, anticipating this year’s project. In 2022, Colorado Boulevard between Tipple Parkway and Bella Rosa Parkway will be milled and overlaid to produce a new roadway surface. Elements of the 2022 Project will include crack seal, mastic crack seal, asphalt patching, 2.0-inch mill & overlay, roadway striping, and thermoplastic pavement markings. 

No full closure of Colorado Boulevard will occur, but please be aware that work will result in lane closures and travel delays during construction work. Plan accordingly and drive carefully in construction zones to keep everyone safe. Work is scheduled to begin the week of April 18. Work hours are Monday through Friday from 6:30 AM until 5:30 PM unless otherwise approved by the Town Engineer.

Rainy weather that occurred during the week of May 3 delayed progress but patching work has continued and is in progress. The patching work stage of this project is ongoing. The work is being done one travel lane at a time to minimize disruption to traffic. Patching is projected to be completed by mid-May. After patching, overlay operations (paving) will start. Paving is followed by striping and thermoplastic pavement markings. The project is anticipated to be complete by the end of May. However, delays can occur, and updates will be posted.

2022 Concrete and Alleyway Maintenance Program Project

The Town of Frederick has contracted Stone & Concrete, Inc. for the 2022 Concrete and Alleyway Maintenance Program Project, which will pave two downtown alleyway segments between Tipple Parkway and 2nd Street from Elm Street to Oak and Oak Street to Locust Street. 

The alleyways in the downtown area were assessed and included in an improvement program that started in 2016. The program scheduled for completion in 2023 intends to pave the existing dirt alleyways and improve downtown infrastructure. Paving alleyways will help to enhance the downtown drainage infrastructure and general roadway resiliency. 

Construction is anticipated to begin in late spring. Work dates will be updated here.

Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Intersection Improvement

As part of the Town of Frederick’s first Transportation Master Plan (TMP), the FELSBURG HOLT & ULLEVIG (FHU) consultant team provided a recommended transportation improvement project list. One of the key short-term strategies of the recommendations focused on improved intersection operations and added capacity at priority corridors. As a result, FHU and the TMP Planning Action Committee (PAC) recognized the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection as the area of highest need for the Town of Frederick.  

The design phase of the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway intersection improvements was awarded to Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers and finalized in December 2021. The intersection improvements provided the ultimate roadway design, including installing additional auxiliary acceleration and deceleration turn lanes, striping, signage, plus new traffic signals and signal timing to handle the five-lane configuration at the intersection for improved traffic operations. Also included is the installation of new ADA curb ramps, sidewalk connections, and pedestrian crossing controls for increased multimodal public safety on a primary route for students traveling to and from Frederick High School. The design also involves installing curb and gutter and other drainage infrastructure for improved drainage in the area as these items currently do not exist on the northern portion of the intersection 

To complete this work, the Town of Frederick has contracted with local firm DeFalco Construction Company to construct the Colorado Boulevard and Tipple Parkway Intersection Improvement. Work is anticipated to begin early to mid-summer. Work dates will be updated here.

Ridgeway Boulevard Road Closed for Sanitary Sewer Main Line Construction.

3/7/22: A contractor working for St. Vrain Sanitation District is constructing a sanitary sewer main in Firestone, CO between Grant Avenue and Fraser Street on Frontier Street (CR 15). On Monday, March 7, the St. Vrain Sanitation District continues work on the main sewer line installation project that will impact traffic where Ridgeway Boulevard (CR 15) turns into Frontier Street (CR 15). As a result, Ridgeway Boulevard will be closed in both directions (northbound & southbound) just north of Fraser Street and Fraser Circle. Fraser Street and Fraser Circle should remain open. 
The road is scheduled to be closed on Monday, March 7, and is expected to remain closed until June or until work is completed. Weather, supply chains, or unanticipated delays may change the schedule for project completion. Updates will be posted on this webpage.

**UPDATE** The sanitary sewer installation on County Road 15 (Frontier Street in Firestone) as part of the Hidden Creek subdivision is ongoing and is projected to be completed in June. CR 15 north of Fraser Street will remain closed, and the detour utilizing Hawthorn Street in Frederick and CR 17 will stay in place until all work is completed.

Pavement Management System

Did you know the Town of Frederick maintains more than 104 miles of public streets? To manage this system, the Town Engineering Department and Public Works use a Pavement Management System to assist in evaluating the pavement condition, serviceable life and maintenance strategies for Town-owned roads and alleyways.

Check out the Pavement Management System page to read more about the methods used in pavement maintenance and rehabilitation.

Safe Routes To Schools

The Safe Routes To Schools project is complete. 

View a map of the Safe Routes to Schools Thunder Valley K-8 Multiuse Trail Project.