Stormwater Master Plan

Frederick teamed up with the City of Dacono to submit a Department of Local Affairs Energy Impact Grant application in December 2019 to develop a Stormwater Master Plan. On April 3, the Town received notification that they were awarded funding! Master plan work will kick off this August and take about 18 months to complete. We look forward to our work and partnership with the City of Dacono on this project benefitting the residents of the Carbon Valley. 

Stormwater Drainage Service

Following the dissolution of the Tri-Area Sanitation District at the end of 2007, Frederick entered into agreements with St. Vrain Sanitation District and Weld County that makes the Town of Frederick responsible for all stormwater drainage services within the town boundaries and the part of unincorporated Weld County know as Evanston. 

Stormwater Utility Enterprise Fund

In May 2008, the Town Board approved an ordinance creating the stormwater utility as an enterprise fund within the Engineering and Utilities Department. By establishing the stormwater utility as an enterprise fund, the board assured that all costs associated with the provision of drainage services will be funded through rates and fees specifically collected for that purpose. 

Primary Stormwater Utility Functions

The primary functions of the utility are to protect the lives and welfare of our citizens and to guard against damage to property from flooding during severe rainfall events. This will be accomplished in part by ensuring that new development provides storm sewers, inlets, and detention ponds to keep storm runoff at or below historic runoff rates. 

Public Drainage Facilities

The utility will maintain public drainage facilities so lines and inlets are clean and ready to handle the runoff when a storm occurs. This will help ensure that police, fire, and other emergency vehicles can travel to and from any location in town, and that citizens, visitors, business clients, and customers can travel safely and freely during and after significant storm events. 

Federal & State Regulations

There are also federal and state regulations that will become mandatory in the future that will require the town to take action to protect the environment to, perhaps, a higher level than currently is done. Simply put, an adequate stormwater utility will add to the quality of life and support an attractive business climate in Frederick. 

Before & After Stormwater Project Photos

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Upcoming Stormwater Projects

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Stormwater Utility Rates

View the stormwater utility rates in the Town of Frederick.

Designated Floodplain Areas per FEMA Maps

If you are interested in obtaining floodplain information or viewing floodplain maps, please visit the FEMA website.

Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) numbers for the Town of Frederick are:

  • 080244 0001B
  • 080266 0850C
  • 080266 0863C
  • 080266 0861C
  • 080266 0960D

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