Potable Water Supply

Within Frederick’s town limits, there are three entities involved with public potable water supply (water fit for consumption by humans and other animals). All water services on the east side of I-25 are Town of Frederick customers.

A message from Central Weld County Water District (January 8, 2020):

Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District(NCWCD) will be shutting down the canal that delivers water into Carter Lake Filter Plant (CLFP) from January 14 – 17, 2020 for annual maintenance and construction. CLFP will use the District’s alternate water source from Dry Creek Reservoir to provide a continuous water supply to our customers.  Our customers will continue to receive the high quality water they are used to, however, some customers may experience a slight difference in taste or odor during the shutdown of the canal. Rest assured that the water will be safe to drink and use as you normally do. 

Outside Suppliers

For certain areas where the town’s distribution system has not been extended, such as Frederick West Business Park, Central Weld County Water District  (CWCWD) provides service from their transmission mains. Left Hand Water District supplies all public potable water demand on the west side of Interstate 25 (I-25).

Colorado-Big Thompson Project

The town’s potable water supply comes from Colorado River water delivered to Carter Lake through the Colorado-Big Thompson Project.

This high-quality source water is treated by CWCWD’s treatment and storage facilities located west of Berthoud, Colorado. A high-pressure CWCWD transmission main transports water to the town’s distribution mains through a number of master meters from which point the town’s water distribution system begins.

Future Potable Water Supplies

To avoid expensive capital investments and to be good stewards of limited natural resources, the town encourages water conservation through financial and educational means. In order to secure adequate supplies of high-quality water for the town’s current and future potable supplies, Frederick is one of 15 water providers involved with: 

Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP)

Northern Colorado Conservancy District - Windy Gap

Northern Colorado Conservancy District - Colorado-Big Thompson Project

Raw Water

The Town of Frederick has implemented a Raw Water System (RWS) for irrigation to complement the town’s potable water system. The Raw Water System supply is fed from the Lower Boulder Ditch and stored in Milavec Lake. Untreated water is pumped out of Milavec Lake to supply three irrigation ponds on town property.

Raw Water System Expansion

The town has plans to expand the RWS to a majority of the town limits. New projects will be adding an additional pump station west of Milavec Lake and the Town plans to add raw water distribution lines into additional developments as funds allow.  There are also plans to develop the Town's raw water irrigation facilities on the west side of I-25 as the Town has discussed with Left Hand Water District.