Design Standards & Construction Specifications

The Town’s Design Standards and Construction Specifications and Municipal Code, Chapter 18, Article IV provide an online interactive tool to make the requirements that contractors must follow when constructing public improvement for or on behalf of the Town accessibility. Every attempt is made to keep this online version current, though it should be used for reference only. 

Download 2019 Design Standards & Construction Specifications Book (without Appendix) 

Table of Contents

Section 100

Table of Contents | General Requirements

Section 200

Table of Contents | Earthwork

Section 300

Table of Contents | Concrete

Section 400

Table of Contents | Soils Investigation

Section 500

Table of Contents | Street Improvements | Index


Section 600

Table of Contents | Non-Potable Water Distribution

Section 700 

Table of Contents | Potable Water Distribution | Index


Section 800

Table of Contents | Storm Sewer Improvements | Index


Section 900

Table of Contents | Storm Drainage

Section 1000

Table of Contents | Non-Town Utilities 

Section 1100

Table of Contents| Fences | Index


Section 1200

Table of Contents | Construction Erosion Control

Section 1300

Table of Contents | Traffic Control

Section 1400

Table of Contents | Landscaping Irrigation Systems

Section 1500

Table of Contents | Landscaping | Index



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