Parks, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

  • The Parks, Open Space and Trails (P.O.S.T.) Master Plan is a tool that the town uses to implement their Comprehensive Plan and identifies the recreation needs of today's residents, anticipates those of tomorrow, and provides a framework for creating a vibrant system of parks, open space, and trails. View the following segments of the plan, and what each entails.

  Table of Contents and Acknowledgement
  • Purpose of the POST Plan
  • Planning and Community Engagement Process
  • Planning Area
  • Plan Organization
 Frederick POST System:
  • Systemwide Observations and Opportunities
  • Park Land
  • Open Space
  • Trails


  Community Needs and Vision:
  • Community Input Process
  • Community Input Themes
  • Community Needs
  • Vision Framework
 Systemwide Goals and Policies:
  • Introduction
  • Goal A: Trail-Connected Places
  • Goal B: Recreation Variety
  • Goal C: Nature-Based Opportunities
  • Goal D: Character, Identity and Placemaking
  • Goal E: Maintenance and Management
  • Goal F: Stewardship and Collaboration

  • Improvements to Existing Parks
  • Planning for New Parks
  • Open Space Recommendations
  • Trail Recommendations
  • Supporting Systems

 Maintaining the P.O.S.T. System
  • Current Approach to Maintenance
  • Path Maintenance
  • Maintenance and Performance Levels
 Implementation Plan:
  • Community Priorities
  • Implementation Matrix
  • Collaborating with Other Agencies
  • LUC Park Standards
  • Funding and Financing Strategies
  • Moving Forward
  • Appendix A: Park, Open Space, and Trial Inventories
  • Appendix B: POST Observations
  • Appendix C: Community Input
  • Appendix D: Trail Gap Analysis
  • Appendix E: Baseline and Diversity Amenities
  • Appendix F: Open Space Recommendations
  • Appendix G: Trails Recommendations
Approved by the Board of Trustees on January 12, 2021.
Adopted by the Planning Commission on January 7, 2021.

Frederick Recreation Area Master Plan

Centennial Park Master Plan