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Board of Trustees

  1. Frederick Youth Commission Application

    The Frederick Youth Commission provides an opportunity for students to learn more about local government, participate in the process,... More…

Community Relations

  1. 2023 Community Tour & Talk RSVP

    Help us know how many people to plan for at each event! Your information will not be sold or added to any marketing list. Please fill... More…

  2. Communication Topic Submission Form

    The Town of Frederick wants to help your organization communicate about the great things you're doing! Fill out this form and we'll get... More…

  3. Faces of Frederick

    We want to hear from you! We are kicking off a new Faces of Frederick campaign so that we can share your stories and stay connected.

  4. Photography Contest 2023

    Do you have a great photo you took in Frederick that reflects Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empowered, and Dedicated? Complete... More…

  1. Adopt-a-Place Program

    This is the form to submit application for the Town of Frederick Adopt-A-Place Program

  2. Design Request Form
  3. Free Self-Defense Class Sign-up Form

    The Frederick Police Department offers Level 1 and Level 2 Self Defense Classes throughout the year. This community program is for Town... More…

  4. Self Defense Class Waiver

    Waiver for the Self Defense Class


  1. Land Use Application
  1. Special Event Application

    Special Event Applications (Temporary Use Applications) are for events that are open to the public regardless of location and/or if... More…

Economic Development

  1. Economic Development Incentive Application

    General information to begin the incentive application process.

Employee Forms

  1. First Report of Work-Related Injury or Illness

    Form to be completed in full if you have a work-related injury or illness.

  2. Tuition Reimbursement
  3. Vacation, Sick Leave or Leave of Absence Request
  1. Parking Lot Item Analysis
  2. Vacation Buy-Back Form

    This is the form to fill out when requesting to buy back your unused vacation days.

  3. Worker's Compensation - Notification of Designated Providers


  1. 2023 Potable Water Master Plan Comment Form

    2023 Potable Water Master Plan Comment Form

  1. Contractor's License Application

    Contractor's License Application


  1. 2023 Event Sponsor Form

    If your organization is interested in sponsoring any of the Town of Frederick’s events, please fill out this form entirely and submit... More…

  2. 2023 Food Vendor Application

    There are many opportunities throughout the year for food vendors at Town of Frederick events. Please mark what events and dates you... More…

  3. 2023 Frederick In Flight - Passenger Form

    Applicable sponsors of Frederick In Flight need to complete this form for their hot air balloon ride before June 7, 2023.

  4. 2023 Miners Day Parade Application

    Join us for the 21st annual Miners Day parade at 10 a.m. Deadline to submit is September 6, 2023. Trophies and prize money will be... More…

  1. 2023 FIF Pilot Dinner RSVP

    Sponsors can complete this form to RSVP for the Frederick In Flight Pilot Dinner.

  2. 2023 Frederick Event Survey

    We want your feedback! Please complete this event survey to give your feedback about 2023 Frederick Events. Thank you in advance for... More…

  3. 2023 Market Vendor Application

    Market vendors have the opportunity to join our signature events. To participate as a market vendor, your business must fit into one of... More…

General Forms

  1. Bid Submission Form

    Submissions for project bids.

  2. Frederick Speed Management Program Information Form
  3. Website Feedback Form
  1. Engineering Bid Submission Form

    Submissions for engineering project bids.

  2. we are FRED

    Do you have a story, department news, or photo to share with Team Fred? We want to hear the news and updates you would like to share... More…

Liquor Licensing Forms

  1. TIPS/Responsible Vendor Training Registration

    Please sign up here to attend a TIPS/Responsible Vendor Training Class.

Parks Maintenance

  1. Centennial Park

    Centennial Park is located along 8th Street between Main and Maple Streets. The park is a total of 37.9 acres.


  1. Community Camera Program

    This form is for residents or businesses that would like to participate in the Community Camera Program. This is a voluntary program... More…

  2. Neighborhood Watch

    The Frederick Police Department has an active Neighborhood Watch organization with most of the town’s neighborhoods represented by... More…

  3. Professional Standards AIC Report

    This form is used to report an Allegation of Misconduct, Inquiry, or Commendation.

  1. Frederick Police Department K-9 Training Program

    This form is for businesses that would like to participate in the Frederick Police Department K-9 Training Program. This is a... More…

  2. Pet License Form

    Please submit information on this online form about your pet. Submitting this form does not complete the pet license process. Dog... More…

  3. Request for Law Enforcement Records

    Request for Law Enforcement Records

Town Clerk Forms

  1. Community Grant Application

    The Town of Frederick is pleased to sponsor community organizations and community-minded individuals offering programming for the... More…

  1. Open Records Request

    All requests for public records will, under normal circumstances be processed within three business days of the date requested in... More…

Utility Billing

  1. Final Utility Request Form

    Final Utility Request form is required for a final billing on a property.

  1. Residential Utility Billing Agreement

    Required form to be completed by all new property owners within the Town of Frederick.