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Economic Development Incentive Application

  1. Please enter the address of the property where the incentives will be applied.
  2. Is this a business relocation (new business to Frederick) or a business expansion (business currently within Frederick)?*
  3. Is there an existing business at this location?*
  4. Please enter the date the business will take occupancy at the property address. If this is a business expansion, please estimate the date the expansion will be completed.
  5. Please provide the names of the business owners. If the owner is an entity, please list personal representatives.
  6. Please provide email address to contact the business owner.
  7. Please provide a phone number for the business owner.
  8. Please provide a lead consultant name.
  9. Please provide the consultant's email address.
  10. Please provide the consultant's phone number.
  11. Should a Business Owner and Business Contact both be listed, please indicate which individual is the preferred contact.
  12. Please provide a description of the business moving to/expanding within Frederick. What type of business is it and what business activities will occur on the site? Are you proposing to build a new building? What is the expected timeframe for this to occur?
  13. Please provide the number of employees employed by this business when it is operational in Frederick.
  14. Please provide the average salary of the company. This should consider the total number of employees and their associated salaries and benefits. Total those costs and then divide the total by the number of employees.
  15. Please indicate the percent of employee healthcare costs paid by the company for those employees that are eligible for the benefit and choose to take it.
  16. Please indicate the cost to develop the site for the new business or business expansion. This value should NOT include the cost of the land.
  17. Does the business generate sales tax?*
  18. Additional Information*
    Please indicate by selecting a button, that by completing this form, you are submitting an application to receive business incentives. Additional information may be needed to determine eligibility.
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