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Open Records Request

  1. Town of Frederick Request for Public Records
    All requests for public records will, under normal circumstances be processed within three business days of the date requested in accordance with the Colorado Open Records Law.
  2. Request To:*
    Please indicate whether you would like to review the files or receive copies for files. If you choose to review the files, the Clerk's Office will contact you to schedule a time.
  3. Purpose of Request*
  4. Method of Transmittal
    If you are requesting copies of files; please indicate how you would like to receive those files.
  5. Cost Estimate
    The Clerk's Office will review your request and if it is anticipated that the request could be subject to a fee as outlined in Colorado Law, a representative of the Clerk's Office will reach out to you and discuss the estimate prior to moving forward on the request.
  6. Fee Agreement*
    I understand that my request may be subject to charges for paper copies and/or research and retrieval. I confirm my request for the records described and agree to pay any changes at the time the records are made available. If the request is over $50.00, I understand I will be asked to provide a 50% deposit for the cost incurred to obtain the records.
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