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Design Request Form

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  2. Communication & Engagement Department Design Request Form

    The purpose of this form is to speed up the design process. Help us be more efficient by providing information to these questions. We will work together to follow up and complete projects as a team!

  3. Add a specific date or time frame.

  4. Please let us know what this will be used for and who will see it. For example - Generic trifold for Bella Rosa golf course that will be viewed by guests. Or, a brochure about Utility Payment Process to put out at Town events.

  5. Please provide the desired size of design whether print (inches) or digital (pixels). For example - I need a 5 inch X 7-inch postcard. Or, this is a 600 X 600 px design for our department's website page.

  6. Please include ALL graphics and/or pictures that you wish to be included in the design.

  7. Please provide all content (words) to be included in the design. The exact wording is useful.

  8. Please provide words that would be nice to be included in the design but might be omitted based on layout and appearance at the discretion of the designer. Don't worry, we'll work on this together.

  9. Please provide additional instructions on the desired look of the design. Provide comments or requests as well as additional sizes or formats.

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