Mosquito Control

For mosquito control, the Town of Frederick has contracted with Vector Disease Control International (VDCI). VDCI's trained larvicide and seasonal fogging technicians will conduct larval inspections, set traps, and spray for mosquitoes to decrease the mosquito population. 

This includes larval (water treatments), adult mosquito surveillance and trapping, and fogging. VDCI’s Integrated Mosquito Management Programs in Colorado are stewards of environmental responsibility by focusing on surveillance-based control strategies, public awareness, and the use of biological and “least-toxic” products.

Why Try to Control Mosquitos? 

Mosquitoes are more than just nuisance pests. They pose a significant risk to public health by carrying and transmitting a number of debilitating and even deadly diseases such as West Nile virus, dengue and Zika virus. And with a threat this serious, it is vital to take a proactive approach to preventing and controlling vector-borne diseases in your community. 

When Will Mosquito Control Take Place?

Fogging started on June 6, 2023, in the Town of Frederick. Fogging is conducted weekly. 
View the VDCI fogging schedule (scroll down to Weld County).

Zone 1 - No Name Creek, Johnson Farm, Moore Farm, Fox Run, Raspberry Hill, Eagle Valley
Zone 2 - Rinn Valley, Morningside
Zone 3 - Wyndham HIll, Country Meadows
Zone 4 - Westview, Countryside
Zone 5 - Downtown, Maple Ridge, Parkview, Coallridge, Hidden Creek
Zone 6 - Savannah, Prairie Greens, Carriage Hills, Angel View

Starting in June, larval inspections will occur weekly to determine where the mosquito population is located. Traps will be set Monday evenings and picked up Tuesday mornings. If the mosquito population reaches a significant level, fogging will occur in those areas on Tuesday evenings from sunset to midnight during the peak hours of mosquito activity.

Mosquito Trap Data Reports

View the most recent Frederick mosquito surveillance
View all archived Frederick mosquito surveillance


Opt-Out Options for Residents

As a Town of Frederick resident, you are empowered to contact VDCI to be notified and/or opt out of fogging at your address. Please complete VDCI's Spray Notification & Shutoff Requests form if you’d like to receive: 

  • Notification Only: VDCI will phone or email you before spraying in your neighborhood.
  • Address Shutoff Only: VDCI will shutoff the ULV spray machine while driving past your property.
  • Shutoff and Notification: VDCI will phone or email you before spraying in your neighborhood and shutoff the ULV spray machine while driving past your property.

4 Tips to Protect Yourself from Mosquito-Borne Diseases

More About VDCI

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