Snow and Ice Control

The Town of Frederick Public Works Department maintains approximately 76 miles of streets and over 18 miles of trails and sidewalks across Town.

CDOT Maintained

I-25 Frontage Roads, I-25, and Highway 52 are plowed by the Colorado Department of Transportation. All other streets within town limits are maintained by Frederick Public Works.

Emergency Snow Routes

Emergency routes, including access to hospitals and schools are the first priority for town plow drivers. Town Snow Routes are then the next priority. For a visual of these routes, check out the Town Priority Snow Routes Map.

During a large event, please do not park on the street if you live along an Emergency Snow Route in order to give plows room to pass. If necessary any vehicles parked along designated snow routes will be towed at the owner’s expense. For a visual of the emergency routes, please see the Town Snow Route Vehicle Assignment map.

Residential Streets

While many communities do not plow residential streets at all, the Town of Frederick will try to plow residential streets when possible depending on the severity of the storm. Due to the amount of roadways that must be maintained, the plows must push snow to the roadway edge. This will cause a line of snow to be deposited at your private driveway. The town’s snow control team cannot clear private driveways. By Town Ordinance, snow removed from any sidewalk or driveway may not be deposited into the roadway. Doing so can create dangerous conditions for plow drivers.

Stay Safe!

The town encourages motorists to drive safely and slow down during unsafe winter conditions. Plow drivers appreciate the cooperation of motorists as plows are less maneuverable than other vehicles. Give 'em space and stay safe!

Questions? Contact us at 720-382-5800.

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