Street Cleaning

Street sweeping is done for safety reasons and is also an important component of the town’s Stormwater Management Plan. 

Protecting Water Quality

Many of our storm sewers lead directly to lakes, ditches, or streams. Street cleaning removes dirt and debris from town streets, protects water quality, minimizes the burden on the storm sewer system from surface debris, and prevents physical damage to pavements. 

Washing a vehicle or rinsing the deck of a lawnmower in the driveway puts unwanted material in our streets. Grass clippings blown into the road, dog droppings, trash, paper, anti-freeze, gas & motor oil are all unwanted materials flushed into the street and down the storm sewer when it rains. Blowing snow into the street also adds to the problem because it causes our snowplow crew to use more anti-icing agents to keep the roads safe for travel. 

What You Can Do to Help

There are various things Frederick residents can do to help Town staff maintain a cleaner Town: 

  • We ask that vehicles are moved from the street between 7am and 4pm during the week your area is scheduled for sweeping. Subject to change due to weather or any other changes that may occur.
  • Keep alleys behind homes clean.
  • Pick up and dispose of grass clippings through your garbage pickup.
  • Wash your vehicle with a bucket and sponge.
  • In general, discard trash in the proper manner.
  • Public Works will make every effort to have our sweepers clean all neighborhoods at least once every six weeks but appreciate your understanding that during the summer, priorities can change quickly. We ask that cars be removed from the street between the hours of 6 a.m. to 3 p.m. during the week your area is scheduled for sweeping, starting April 30th following the order below through October 8th.

Sweeper Schedule

beginning week of 4/6/21

1st week – Downtown Frederick, Parkview, Maple Ridge, Coal Ridge

2nd week – Countryside, Westview, Savannah, Angel view, Carriage Hills

3rd week – Raspberry Hill, Eagle Valley, Summit View, Fox Run

4th week – The Farm, No name Creek, Moore Farm

5th week – Morningside, Wildflower, Wyndham Hill, Rinn Valley

6th week – Bear industrial park, Frederick west business park, Glacier business park