Parks, Open Space & Trails Commission

About the Parks, Open Space & Trails (POST) Commission

The POST Commission is comprised of seven members appointed by the Board of Trustees as well as a Trustee Liaison. The Commission has the following responsibilities: 

  • Advising the Board of Trustees and Staff on all matters relating to acquisition, care, use, management, control, and planning of all town-owned parks and open space
  • Advising the Board of Trustees and Staff regarding the preparation and maintenance of long-range parks and open space acquisition, care, and maintenance plan
  • Making recommendations to the Board of Trustees and Staff regarding parks, open space, and trails-related budget items


  • Meetings are generally held on the second Wednesday of each month.
  • Meetings are held in Town Hall (401 Locust St.) and start at 6:30 pm.
  • The Commission meets on a hybrid virtual/in-person basis. Each Agenda details how individual Meetings are held. The public is invited to attend via either option. 

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and Meeting Information are available the week before each Meeting. 

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Membership and Terms

The Commission is comprised of seven members, one representative of the Board of Trustees and the staff representative.  Effective in 2022, Commissioners serve three-year terms.  There is no limit to the number of terms a commissioner may request to serve.

  • Kristen Davis (Term ends January 2024)
  • Erin Fosdick (Term ends January 2024)
  • Allan Gill (Term ends January 2024)
  • Luke Bolinger (Term ends May 2026)
  • Susan Pilon (Term ends January 2024)
  • Lee Schlais (Term ends May 2026)
  • Matt Hickman (Term ends May 2026)
  • Mark Lamach, Trustee 
  • Colby Johnson, Staff Representative

Effective in 2022, Board Members serve three-year terms.  There is no limit to the number of terms a member may serve. 


There are currently no vacancies on the Parks, Open Space, and Trails Commission. 

Who Can Apply?

  • Residents of the Town of Frederick
What do I need to include in my application?
  • Complete the Online Application
  • An applicant may choose to provide a letter of interest and/or resume
Are there any restrictions?
  • Members may not have a direct or indirect financial or economic interest in any business or undertaking that may have business before the Board/Commission/Committee for which the applicant is applying.
How do I submit my materials?
When does the Board consider applications?
  • Biannually - Generally in May and October
Is there an interview process?
  • Applicants are required to attend an interview with a representative(s) from the Board. Interviews are scheduled in May and October of each year.
What is the process of appointment?
  • The interview panelists will make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees following the interviews.  The recommended applicant(s) will be invited to an upcoming Board meeting for appointment by the Board of Trustees.

If you have questions regarding Boards, Commissions, or Committees or want information about agendas and/or minutes, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 720.382.5500.