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Boards, Commissions, and Committees Application

  1. Boards, Commissions, and Committees Application

    This application is subject to the Colorado Open Records Act and should not be considered confidential.

  2. Board, Commission, or Committee of Interest*

    Please indicate which Board, Commission or Committee you would like to apply for. You may select more than one.

  3. Conflict of Interest Disclosure*

    Several state laws and municipal ordinances prohibit conflicts of interest on the park of Boards, Commissions, and Committee members.  A member of a Board/Commission/Committee shall not perform an official act that may have an economic benefit on a business or other undertaking (whether or not for profit) in which the member has a direct or substantial financial interest.  Board/Commission/Committee members must not be interested in any contract made in their official capacities; or made by any other body, agency, or board of which they are members or employees. Please indicate whether you would have any conflicts while serving as a member of a Board/Commission/Committee.

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