Metropolitan Districts

What is a Metropolitan District?

A metro district is one type of special district allowed by State Statute Title 32. Special districts provide services and have the purposes, powers and authority provided by the Legislature to serve a public use. They promote the health, safety, prosperity, security and general welfare of the inhabitants of special districts and the people of the state of Colorado. A metro district may provide the inhabitants of the district two or more of the following services: fire protection, mosquito control, parks and recreation, safety protection, sanitation, solid waste disposal facilities or collection and transportation of solid waste, street improvements, television relay and translation, transportation and/or water. Here are some questions we’ve heard from residents. 

Why are metro districts created?

In Frederick, districts are created to assist with financing the construction of public improvements necessary for new developments. Districts can also serve the same function as a traditional homeowners association. 

How do I know if my house/property is in a metro district?

Perhaps the easiest way to know if your property is within a metro district is to look at your tax bill. The metro district will be listed as a taxing authority. The Town also provides an online map showing all the metro districts within the Town.

What if I don’t like the things being done by the metro district?

Residents and property owners of the metro district are able to serve on their district’s Board of Directors and make decisions regarding the district. This is a good way to get involved in public service as districts are considered quasi-governmental organizations. 

How is a district formed?

In very general terms, the following steps are needed to form a district. Special districts cannot be formed without the consent of the municipality. The Town of Frederick requires the proposed service plan (the document that identifies what services the district will conduct) to be provided and conform to the Land Use Code. If the municipality consents to the formation of the district, a petition is filed in District Court. The District Court can order an election of the eligible electors who vote whether or not to form the district. 

Metropolitan District Annual Reports

Each year, the district is required by state statue to submit and annual report to the Department of Local Affairs (DOLA).   Listed below are the Metropolitan districts in Frederick with their annual report. The most recent report we have is posted below. If you have any questions about the report, please use the contacts page inside the report to reach the district. 

Carriage Hills 2021 Annual Report

Clearview Villages 2021 Annual Report

Gateway  2021 Annual Report

Godding Hollow 2021 Annual Report

Hidden Creek 2021 Annual Report

Maple Ridge 2021 Annual Report

Marketplace 2020 Annual Report

Prosperity 2020 Annual Report

The Shores On Plum Creek Districts 1-8 2021 Annual Report

The Shores On Plum Creek District 9 2021 Annual Report

Silverstone 2022 Annual Report

Town Of Frederick

Village East Community 2020 Annual Report

Westview 2021 Annual Report

Wildflower 2021 Annual Report

Wyndham Hill 2020 Annual Report

Wyndham Hill No. 4 2021 Annual Report