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The Town of Frederick reached out to residents for participation in a community satisfaction survey in the spring of 2022. All households within the Town of Frederick were eligible and encouraged to participate. The survey results were presented to the Board of Trustees in May and referred to during the Board's annual retreat in August to include resident opinions on strategic plan work. The report provides the views of a representative sample of 471 residents collected from February 16, 2022, to April 6, 2022.

The National Community Survey (The NCS) was developed by National Research Center (NRC) at Polco. This scientific assessment measures community livability according to residents. It captures opinions on the economy, mobility, community design, utilities, safety, natural environment, inclusivity, engagement, and more.

The results comprehensively look at the Town of Frederick's strengths, areas of improvement, and residents' priorities. As a result, the Board of Trustees and Town staff can compare Frederick's data with more than 600 other communities around the nation. The results show that residents give high ratings to safety and the quality of services the Town provides, among other findings.

“I would like to thank everyone for participating in the Community Satisfaction Survey this year," said Tracie Crites, Town of Frederick Mayor. "We thrive on hearing from our residents, pairing action with intention in efforts to improve, and showing your voices are at work! Truly your voice turns into action within our strategic plan, and we aren't slowing down on community engagement to find more ways to connect on what you want to talk about. I encourage everyone to check out the survey results as we continue focusing on creating the best community in Colorado!"

 Along with detailed results, the survey provided four overall highlights:

  • Safety continues to be a community strength for Frederick. About 8 in 10 residents evaluated Frederick's overall feeling of safety as excellent or good. 
  • Ratings for health and wellness are on the rise, helping to contribute to a high quality of life in Frederick. Three-quarters of residents rated their overall health as excellent or very good, a 10% improvement from Frederick's survey in 2018.
  • Frederick's economy has shown improvement over the past few years, but it remains an area of opportunity for the Town. Overall economic health was rated the most important focus area for Frederick in the coming two years, with 90% of residents prioritizing it as essential or very important.
  • Residents' appreciation for local leadership and governance is trending upwards. Residents gave high marks to the quality of services the Town of Frederick provided, with 71% providing excellent or good ratings.

Residents are encouraged to sign up with the POLCO civic engagement platform to become part of Frederick's digital sounding Board. The Town will continue seeking public input on Frederick's existing ideas and initiatives to inform policy decisions. Tracking changes over time helps leaders measure progress and make data-driven decisions. Together, we are Built On What Matters. 

"By completing The NCS, Frederick has demonstrated a commendable commitment to improving life in your community," said Nick Mastronardi, CEO of Polco. "These results will help local leaders take action now and plan for the future."

View the full survey results 

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