Co-Responder Program

The Frederick Police Department is pleased to announce a new Frederick Police Department Co-Responder Programpartnership with North Range Behavioral Health to launch the Carbon Valley & Mead Co-Responder Program. This alliance strengthens the FPD's methods of community policing by working directly with a Co-Responder from NRBH. When a community member needs help related to a mental health crisis, a Co-Responder will be available to provide case consultation, crisis intervention, service coordination, and referrals to resources.

"It's time we start working in partnership with mental health professionals such as North Range Behavioral Health. We need to let those who are struggling know we are here to help; they are not alone. The right approach to service calls is evaluating needs and getting them the resources they need." stated Frederick Police Chief Todd Norris.

Kimberly Collins, Chief Clinical Officer of North Range Behavioral Health, says, "It's clear to see that the Town of Frederick recognizes that the effects of many mental health disorders can be prevented and mitigated. But only if we respond appropriately to signs and symptoms in moments of crisis." 

Communities are changing how they respond to behavioral health crises. North Range Behavioral Health and the Town of Frederick, Town of Firestone, City of Dacono, and Town of Mead are taking the lead with forming the Carbon Valley & Mead Co-Responder Program. When a call comes into dispatch, needs are assessed based on many factors. For example, if someone is experiencing a mental health matter, a Frederick Police Officer will request a Co-Responder from NRBH to assist. By establishing and providing a coordinated approach, the goal is to reduce emergency room admissions, jail admissions, costs for healthcare, duplication of services, and treat people with respect and dignity to help them through a crisis. 

The Frederick Police Department has agreed to contribute some resources needed to make the program successful. The FPD has submitted $6,500 in the 2022 budget and decided to lease a pretty sweet 2012 Chevrolet Caprice for $1.00 to NRBH.

The Town of Frederick values of Family, Respect, Empowerment, and Dedication and North Range Behavioral Health's vision - Where Hope Begins and Change is Possible - aligns with the program's goals. The Co-Responder program is an example of our leaders in the community knowing when a change in approach is needed and taking action to do the right thing.