Mission Statement

To build a safe community where people can live, work and thrive on what matters.


  • Integrity – The highest standard of moral and ethical conduct in our personal and professional lives
  • Dedication to achieving the Department’s mission
  • Positive contributions and innovations are supported and encouraged in the achievement of organizational goals
  • Empowering employees to make decisions to solve community concerns
  • Organizational pride and respect for oneself and others to ensure professional growth and teamwork
  • Striving for excellence through appropriate training, planning, and utilization of available resources
  • Professional development of each member of our organization


  • To protect life, liberty and property
  • To reduce criminal opportunity
  • To recover lost or stolen property
  • To preserve civil order
  • To investigate criminal incidents
  • To enforce statutory law and vigorously seek prosecution
  • To provide assistance and service through education, advice, community involvement, and proactive law enforcement operations