Potable Water Master Plan

The Town has kicked off the preparation of it's new Potable Water Master Plan. The Town's water system serves residents on the east side of I-25. The Town used to treat and distribute water from Milavec Lake to the Town until the 1980s when water quality concerns lead the Town to enter into and agreement with Central Weld County Water District for whole sale water. After treated water from the District enters into the Town's water distribution system at multiple locations throughout the Town it becomes the Town's responsibility. 

Service Area Map

Service Area map

The Plan

The new Potable Water Master Plan will address:

  • Reliability and sustainability of potable water infrastructure, current and future
  • Emergency response (fire protection)
  • Water management and conservation
  • Water quality
  • Town connectivity
  • Social equity
  • Relationship between land use, housing and potable water for livable communities

There will be opportunities for Public Engagement as the Town moves through the process and updates will be added to this page. 

The Town's consultant, Forsgren Associates Inc, is now working on initial development of the plan. This will include review of the Town's existing Short and Long-Term Water Supply Plans, the recently completed Water Efficiency Plan, and Comprehensive Plan and surveying of the Downtown water system features.