Utility Services

The following utilities are owned and operate by Town of Frederick. Some services are provided through agreements with other utility provider to serve residents, commercial and industrial customers of Frederick. Contact the Engineering & Utilities Department with design, contract management, and construction inspection questions. Contact Utility Billing for customer connection and disconnection services.

Town Utility Services

  • Water

    • Potable (Treated) water for all property located within the town boundary east of I-25 – some areas are served by Central Weld County Water District lines through an intergovernmental agreement with the Town.
    • Non-potable (Untreated/irrigation) water
  • Water Tap Fees

    The Town of Frederick has recently changed the way we track and set water meters. This will allow for more complete records of our meter inventory, as well as ensuring the quality of the installation of the meter pits themselves. The following is a step by step process to use in requesting your water meter to be set:
    1. Contact the town's Engineering and Utilities Department/Building Division, to request that your meter be set.
    2. Once it is determined that all related fees and water rights have been satisfied a town inspector will inspect the installation of the meter pit. This will accomplished by the end of the next business day following the request.
    3. If any corrections to the installation of the meter pit are needed, a notice of the items to be corrected will be issued. Once any corrections have been made a re-inspection will need to be requested to verify the corrections.
    4. If there are no further corrections needed, the Building Division will notify the town's Public Works Department that it is approved, and they can set the meter. Billing will begin at this time.
    5. Any questions regarding this new process, please contact the Building Division at 720.382.5605.
  • Stormwater

    • Guards against damage to property from flooding during severe rainfall events. To read more about this utility, visit stormwater on our site.

Non-Town Public Utility Services

The following utilities are not owned and operated by the Town of Frederick.
  • Potable (Treated) Water

    (property west of I-25 within the town boundary)
    Left Hand Water District

  • Electric
  • United Power
    303.637.1300 (member services)
    303.637.1350 (report an outage)