Top Ten Code FAQs

What is the Community Service Unit of the Frederick Police Department responsible for?
The Town of Frederick Community Service Officers investigate municipal and land use code violations, perform limited animal control, and assist the Town of Frederick Police Officers as necessary.

Can I access the Town of Frederick Municipal and Land Use Code online?
Yes. See the online code sections for further details.

Are pet licenses required within the Town of Frederick?
Yes, pet licenses are required for cats and dogs. See the pet licensing section for further details.

Is the Community Service Unit equipped as a full animal control unit?
While the Community Service Unit does have various tools and equipment used in animal control, it is not able to handle all types of animal calls (e.g. see the Reporting Wildlife Issues for complaints about raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes, and other non-domesticated animal species).

If the Community Service Unit cannot assist with wildlife calls, what animals can it assist with?
The Community Service Unit primarily focuses on dogs when performing responsibilities related to animal control.

Cats are domesticated animals, but do not appear to be listed anywhere?
Per the Town of Frederick Municipal Code, all outdoor cats are considered to be feral. Therefore, the Community Service Unit does not accept or transport stray or contained cats found within the Town of Frederick. We encourage you to license your cats with the police department, so we have a record of owner and address if someone finds your cat and calls the police department.

What should I do if a dog is observed to be running at large within the Town of Frederick?
Call the non-emergency dispatch number at 720-652-4222 to report the location and description of the dog. Use caution, and approach these animals only when it is absolutely necessary. Many dogs at large can be scared or nervous, and can demonstrate various signs of duress.

Where does a dog go if it is impounded for being at large within the Town of Frederick?
In most cases, the dog will be held at the Frederick Police Department for a few hours while the Community Service Unit attempts to contact the owner of the animal. If an owner cannot be reached, or is not identified, the Town of Frederick contracts with the Longmont Humane Society for care and safekeeping of these animals.

Who do I call with a potential snake complaint?
Call the non-emergency dispatch number at 720-652-4222 to report the location and description of the snake. While snakes are generally classified as wildlife, the Community Service Unit is equipped and able to handle most snake complaints. Although many of the snakes in this area are bull snakes, use caution when approaching any snake.

What can I do about weeds, trash, and rubbish?
These items are all covered by the Municipal Code and concerns with them can be reported to the Community Service Unit.

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