Reporting Wildlife Issues

Wildlife in Your Neighborhood

Don’t know what to do about raccoons, skunks, bats, coyotes, and other animal species in your neighborhood? For the most part, these are protected species per the Colorado Division of Wildlife (DOW) and fall under their jurisdiction.

Please contact the Colorado Division of Wildlife at the Main Customer Service number of (303) 297-1192 for any questions.

Urban Wildlife Rescue

You can also contact Urban Wildlife Rescue about on-site removal of these animals. Learn about “home remedies” to humanely evict animals from a resident’s property. These remedies often depend on the species you are addressing, but offer a cheap option for homeowners.
Please note that the Community Services Unit is not connected with the Urban Wildlife Rescue in any way. We are only giving this as a resource to our residents.

When to Call Code Enforcement

Lastly, please contact the Community Services Unit if an animal, wild or domestic, seems sick or is acting abnormally. An example would be a nocturnal animal like a bat that is observed to be highly active during the day. In these cases, the Community Services Unit may contact the DOW North East Regional Office. They will then report these animals to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.