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Frederick Recreation Area Picnic Pavilions

Subfacility of Frederick Recreation Area (FRA)

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Reservations for 2024 will be available for request beginning in March 2024

There are two picnic pavilions located next to each other in the northeast portion of the Area. The shelters are rented as one unit, rather than separately, given their close proximity.   

Fees for Five Hour Reservation:

  • Residents of Frederick
    • 1 - 50 people - $25
    • 51 - 99 people - $35
    • $5 for each additional hour beyond 5 hours. 
  • Non-Residents of Frederick
    • 1 - 50 people - $50
    • 51 - 99 people - $75
    • $5 for each additional hour beyond 5 hours. 
  • Any private events anticipating more than 100 guests or events that are open to the general public, including those with a prior registration, will be required to obtain a Temporary Use Permit from the Town.
  • Reservations can be made between April 15th and October 15th. Outside of those dates the shelters are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Park Shelter Rules and Regulations

Reservations do not provide for exclusive use of an entire park area, only the shelters for which the reservation specifies. Shelters are available for public, first-come, first-serve use when a reservation is not occurring. 

Reservations will be posted approximately 48 hours ahead of the scheduled reservation on the primary shelter in each park area. 

Refunds will be given only in the event the Town receives a cancellation request 10 days prior to the reservation. No refunds will be given for any reason within 10 days, including, but not limited to inclement weather. 

Please leave all facilities in the condition you found them. Park Staff will conduct an assessment of shelters after the reservations and any damage or litter may be subject to additional fee assessment by the Town to the applicant. 

All trash and litter must be taken from the shelters by the Applicant and/or their Parties. Trash receptacles are available on-site, but in the event they become full, the Applicant is responsible for the removal of additional items from the park. 

All events must conclude by Dusk, unless written authorization is provided prior to the reservation. 

Vehicles are not permitted on any turf areas, trails/walkways or otherwise inside the park areas, except for designated parking areas. 

Potable water is not available at park shelter locations. Irrigation water is non-potable and is not available for consumption. 

Note: Only one reservation per day will be allowed, regardless of hours that may be available, due to the staffing needs related to cleanup of events.