Mayor's Message

May 2022 Mayor's Message

Mayor Tee & Tea Time 

Meet Mayor Tracie Crites to chat about what's on your mind, ask questions, and engage with your community!
When: 4 pm on Tuesday, May 3
Where: Bella Rosa Golf Course (5830 Bella Rosa Pkwy.). 

Happy May Town of Frederick! Wishing you a lovely Spring.

Sending a warm FRED welcome to Windi Padia, Dan March, and Chad teVelde elected Trustees sworn in on April 26 to serve a four-year term as your public servants. I look forward to working with them and our current board members: Kevin Brown, Mark Lamach, and Adam Mahan, in collaboration on our Strategic Plan, community goals, and a Town centered around the culture of kindness and care. The 2022 election was an example of our residents sharing their support for the direction of managed and responsible growth, a desire to welcome new amenities, and a voice for continued improvement to our current infrastructure. Your voices are heard, and they matter. Our board will do all we can to preserve and protect the values that shine bright in the Town of Frederick. 

Special election THANK YOU to our Town Clerk, Meghan Martinez, and her entourage: Election Judges Nancy Bergen, Sue Pilon, Iris Boss, Kathy Bartz, Bonnie Ginther, and Sue Chestek, as well as Junior Election Judges Jordan and Annie. 

Welcome to our two newly hired Police Officers, Officer Urie VonFeldt and Officer Anthony Fountain. We’re excited to have them join the FRED Family as valued and experienced team members! In addition, as part of the 2022 budget and a recently awarded grant, the Police Department was able to purchase updated body cameras. The new cameras have several technology upgrades that include higher resolution video and an LTE (Cellular) connection that enables real-time features like live video streaming and GPS locations. This allows added safeguards for the officers and enhances the documentation of their day-to-day activities. 

The Community Satisfaction Survey was sent to 2,700 randomly selected households. We have received 473 completed surveys, which puts us ahead of the 2018 total of 409 responses. We also received 156 open participation surveys that ended on April 6. Results with analysis will be ready in mid-May. This was one way to make your voice heard, but I hope you feel it was worth your time. Thank you for participating. Our Board will utilize this feedback, among others, at our Board retreat to help plan for 2023 and beyond. 

The new communications team van is ready for summer events! It is SO FREAKING FRED! Thank you to John Ober and the entire Fleet Services team for coordinating the project and setting the events team up for success. Also, thank you to Zach Mahone for the graphic design work! When you see it, honk and say, “That van is full of FUN”! Community events start in May with our Community Tour and Talk. Find your neighborhood stop and RSVP at I look forward to meeting you!

Did you know the Town of Frederick maintains more than 104 miles of public streets? I am sure you recognize the need for street improvements in your neighborhood, but planning improvement for 104 miles is challenging. You have prioritized these improvements, so we will apply the necessary funding to our Transportation Master Plan to keep the positive momentum moving. Big projects like Colorado Blvd and the intersection at CO and Tipple will be widely seen and experienced. Please plan accordingly and drive carefully in construction zones to keep everyone safe. Stay up to date about roadwork projects here.

Thank you for the honor of being your Mayor. I am blessed.

Frederick Mayor Tracie Crites