Mayor's Message

January 2021

Happy New Year! I am looking forward to building on our experiences to move forward in a positive direction. I think you know by now; I am a glass half full leader. It's my job to listen and ask the "Why?" questions so that we can get down to the nitty-gritty root of an issue. I am confident that we will continue to come together, listen to one another and respect all of our unique outlooks to move forward for the good of the community.  When we find that common ground, it is vital to make sure our residents are involved in decision making, stay connected, and be involved in Town happenings. 

I am fortunate to work with a communications team with an endless amount of energy and commitment to keeping you informed and getting all of us together for engaging Town events! January is the perfect month to introduce our Communications & Engagement team. They are busy planning our 2021 Town events with all of the confidence that this will not just be a normal year, but a great year!

Angela is our beloved Communications & Engagement Manager. She started with team FRED in 2017 and has been the beacon of light that keeps our lantern glowing bright. Angela is admirably humble, authentically hungry, and always the hardest worker in the room. You don’t have to ask her what motivates her, her energy introduces her before she even speaks. She is a people first kind of leader who loves to really get to know your heart and then fiercely protects and celebrates you as one of your biggest ambassadors for genuine joy. She is fun-loving, often seated at the kids table cracking jokes and encouraging our youngsters to smile and enjoy life in Frederick. She is also a strong and valued voice for our business community, who have learned to lean on her support and suggestions on how best to serve our town. Angela, if you’re reading this…”WE rise by lifting others” and YOU set this example in Frederick, every single day. 

While Angela is dotting our community relationship “I’s”- with smiley faces, Jessica is crossing our “T’s” with kindness and grace. 

Jessica joined Team FRED in August 2019 and is our Town's Communications & Engagement Specialist. She is ALL the feels and details of our highly anticipated and celebrated events. The secret to our positive future is hidden in Jessica’s daily routine. She is a community over competition kinda gal and works through inclusive purpose, thoughtful goals, colorful vision and invests her energy in the creativity and focus of living and communicating a positive life. There is not a single detail to community engagement that Jessica hasn’t thought of, because sometimes the quietest people have the loudest minds. She is a classy example and life mantra that good people bring out the good in people, which makes my jobs as Mayor a lovely scene of kindness and love. 

In Frederick, I have learned to stay close to people that make me and our town feel like sunshine, that is Angela and Jessica. What a beautiful thought that some of the best days of our lives in Frederick haven’t happened yet, and Angela and Jessica’s hearts will create them.

Be well, Frederick. 

Town of Frederick Mayor, Tracie Crites