I would like to know more about trails, bike trails, and park amenities in Town.

The Town recently completed an update of the Parks, Open Space and Trails Master Plan which prioritizes major trail corridors both along arterial roadways and off-street trails and gives the Town the ability to require new developments to construct the trails as a part of their public improvements, to help make new development pay their own way. The Town’s Engineering Department recently completed a Transportation Master Plan which also identifies POST Master Plan projects and calls for trail installation along roads as they are developed in new areas or when existing roadways are considerably upgraded. Constructing trails along existing roads and within existing Right-of-Way can be difficult, because in most cases there is not enough room to construct a trail or when the road is upgraded, the trails would have to be removed or substantially altered. The Town’s Parks and Open Space Department is working on an internal action plan to identify and prioritize off-street trail segments, within the priority corridors, for new construction and for connecting existing missing segments, which should be complete in 2023.

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6. I would like to know more about trails, bike trails, and park amenities in Town.
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