Agilent Technologies Expansion

Agilent Expansion Project Update

We are excited to share the latest developments regarding the Agilent expansion project. Over the past several months, the Town has been in close communication with Agilent, and we are pleased to report that progress is well underway. 

Working Together for the Best Solution!

On Sept 12, The Board of Trustees approved a resolution granting Agilent a temporary construction easement across the property owned by the Town of Frederick on Eagle Boulevard. The request was related to Agilent's Project Endeavor and aimed to provide Agilent with access to the western portion of the Town's property for a period of three years.  

This collaborative approach offers several advantages:

  1. Proximity to the Construction Site: Using our property for staging is advantageous because it is in close proximity to the actual construction site. This eliminates the need to stage equipment and materials blocks away, resulting in increased efficiency.
  2. Preservation of Road Quality: By choosing our property, Agilent minimizes the wear and tear on our roads. This decision will help prevent issues such as mud traction onto our roadways during the construction phase.
  3. Property care and Responsibilities: Terms include Agilent taking responsibility for any incidents on the property, providing insurance coverage, and helping with site clearing and grading.

What You Can Expect

As the project progresses, here's what you can expect:

  • In the near term, Agilent and its contractors will begin using existing materials on-site to construct temporary bridges over the drainage channel.
  • Following the completion of these bridges, heavy equipment will commence work to level the site, allowing for the placement of construction trailers.
  • Access to the western portion of the site will be restricted to ensure Agilent's security protocols are maintained once it's established.
  • Agilent will not have access to the Town site east of the existing fence, where our active operations are located.
  • All improvements made to the western portion of the property will be funded by Agilent.
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The Town of Frederick is excited to share that during the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference on January 9, 2023, Agilent Technologies, Inc. announced a major expansion to their Frederick, CO campus. This announcement came at the conclusion of a national site selection process that began in the first quarter of 2022.  The project includes additional manufacturing space across two new buildings connected by a breezeway. This expansion is anticipated to create 160 new jobs at an average salary that exceeds $100,000 per year. Agilent's plans for this expansion, which will stand on land they own, are estimated close to $725,000,000. The project is expected to take three years to complete. 


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