Building Permits / Inspections

The Building Division is a division of the Engineering and Utilities Department and is responsible for the building permit and inspection activities for all commercial, industrial, and residential projects within the town with the express goal of maintaining a safe building environment for all citizens and businesses.

Contractor Licensing

A contractor license is required for all contractors performing work in The Town of Frederick.  Homeowners working on their primary residence are exempt from this requirement.

Contractor License submittal process:

1)     Fill out contractor license application (incomplete applications will be rejected)

2)     Email application and required documentation to:

3)     Quick review performed

4)     You will be contacted to pay application fee by credit card (if required)

5)     Once fee is paid license will be issued and documents will be emailed

Quick Permits

The Town of Frederick will only be accepting online permit applications until further notice.

Quick Permits are permits that do not require Plan Review. ex. Asbestos Abatement, Roofing, Sewer Repair (No work in Right of Way), Water Heater Replacement, Evaporative Cooler or Air Conditioners, Boiler or Furnace, Electrical Service Upgrade, Replacement Window or Door, Siding or Stucco.

Quick Permit submittal process:

1)     Fill out permit application (incomplete applications will be rejected)

2)     Email application and required documentation to:

3)     Quick review performed

4)     You will be contacted to pay permit fee by credit card

5) Once fee is paid permit will be issued and documents will be emailed

6) Post permit on property

Plan Review Permits

Permit Center – Electronic Plan Check Instructions

The Town of Frederick’s Permit Center is the Town’s electronic plan check system which allows you to submit a permit application online and upload plans for plan review. By submitting your plans in an electronic format (PDF), most of the cost associated with paper plans is eliminated and you can stay updated on the progress of your project.

Currently only the Building Department is accepting electronic plans.

Accepted Permits

We are currently accepting online applications for the following permit types:

1.  Room Additions and Remodels

2.  New Single-Family Residence

3.  New Multi-Family Residence

4.  New Commercial Development

5.  Tenant Improvements

6.  Demolition

7.  Pools and Spas

8.  Solar Panels

Please use PDF file names that accurately depict the file contents.

Submit an Application to the Permit Center

1.  To begin using the Town of Frederick Permit Center:

2.  Create an account at this web site:

3.  Verify your email address and then log back in at the above web site.

4.  Fill out the online permit application, upload your PDF plan documents and any supporting documents including a signed Town of Frederick permit application.  Supporting documents could include but are not limited to:

    1. Signed Town of Frederick permit application
    1. Plan Review Submittal Criteria Checklist
    1. Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Structural plan sheets

    1. Structural Calculations

    1. Energy Documents

    1. Geotechnical Report

    1. Soils Report

Supported browsers

  1. Google Chrome version 70 and above
  2. Firefox version 68 and above
  3. Safari (Mac) version 12 and above
  4. Safari (PC) version 5 and above

Inspection Requests

Please be advised in the interest of public health and safety, inspections will be performed on a limited basis.  Midroof inspections are NOT required for a limited time.  ONLY exterior and the interior of NEW construction UNOCCUPIED buildings will be inspected.

The Best and most efficient way to schedule an inspection is to use our online form:

Inspection Request Form

If you are unable to use the online form please call 720.382.5620 or email to schedule an inspection. 

Inspections requests left before 7 am will be scheduled the same day unless scheduled otherwise.

Holiday Closures- NO inspections will be performed on the following days:

  • May 25
  • July 3
  • September 7
  • November 11, 26, and 27
  • December 24 and 25