Skate Park at Frederick Recreation Area

With 30,000 square feet of custom poured in place terrain, the Town of Frederick Skate Park offers an artful array of rideable features for the action sports enthusiast. The Town and skate park design-builders, Team Pain Skate Parks, worked together with the community to create a unique; one of a kind skate park facility. This park includes innovative features and was designed to incorporate challenges for beginners to professional level riders. 

Reminders and Rules

Park hours are dawn to 10 pm. This park is unsupervised. Skater and spectators, know your ability and enter at your own risk. The usage of appropriate safety equipment such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist pads, gloves and proper shoes is strongly recommended at all times. The Town of Frederick is not responsible for injuries.

The following are prohibited in the park:
  • Metal pegs on bikes (plastic pegs are allowed)
  • Modifications to any element or area in the skate park
  • Mobile ramps or other skating structures of makeshift nature
  • Amplified music
  • Motorized equipment
  • Pets (must be kept off skate surfaces, on a leash and attended)
  • Alcohol, smoking and vaping
Be courteous and respectful of others. Take turns. HAVE FUN! Keep food and drinks off the skating surface. Art in the skate park is part of the Arts In Public Places program courtesy of the Frederick Arts Commission. Please do not add your art to the park! No organized events shall be held without permission of the Town. Use of the skate park is at your own risk – supervision is not provided. This is your park. Help protect it from damage. The park will be closed if repairs are needed.

Community Partners

It takes a lot of work to build a skate park! Thank you to the many partners and local businesses who helped to complete the project! Engineering firm Atwell worked with Team Pain to develop the construction plans for the project. The Frederick Arts Commission provided additional funding for local artists to express their creativity by bringing in color, patterns and a large sculpture.  Mile High Metal Works worked on the art sculpture in the center of the park and welding and prepping the metal full pipes. McDonald Farms donated the two 12-foot-tall full pipes. The project also involved many local vendors and subcontractors in making the entire project come to life. Varra Concrete provided a discounted rate for the concrete and colorant at cost. EZ Excavation prepared the site work for Team Pain to build the skate park. Lighting and electrical work were performed by LJR Contracting, while Mountain States Lighting provided the lights themselves. Brundage Bone and Kodiak pumped the concrete while Western Boiler & Steel and Metal Supermarkets provided all the metal for the project. King's Survey did all of the site survey work. Colorado Concrete Construction worked on the parking area, sidewalks and pad for the metal full pipes and Korby Landscape provided all the irrigation and landscaping. 


The largest section of the park is the street course area covering 18,500 square feet. It features many elements mimicking actual "street" environments such as an A-frame ledge to rail, down and flat ledges (otherwise known as "hubbas"), different types of down/out rails consisting of round or square-shaped metal as well as curved ledges and slappy curbs. Several custom items like the manual pads and grindable disks placed throughout, a bank to titled ledge for grinding and wall-riding and the large slant wallride feature are typically not found in most skate parks. One very cool piece in the center of the park is the tilted mini loop painted like an ice cream cone, providing a unique and distinctive identity for photo and video opportunities, and will be remembered by many park visitors. 

The Frederick Skate Park transition areas include a 1,500 square foot "egg bowl" with a 6-foot deep end and a 4-foot shallow end with pool coping. The large 10,000 square foot flow bowl has varying heights throughout and caters to many different styles, disciplines and skill levels. The flow bowl features a half bowl with mogul and spine in the middle that flows out to a love seat hip with a wedge extension that can be hit both ways. The other side of the bowl has two different corners with varying heights and radiuses and pool coping. 

And finally, the two metal full pipes is an awesome and unexpected addition to the project. This particular item is the type of thing skate park enthusiasts dream of experiencing and McDonald Farms and Mile High Metal were able to beautifully and safely repurpose two old metal tanks into a once in a lifetime skate experience. All in all, it took 633 yards of concrete and shotcrete, including 142 yards of integral colored concrete, to complete the skateable areas. The Frederick Skate Park offers an unmatched design that will attract users from around the country!