Skate Park at Frederick Recreation Area

September 18, 2019 - Construction on the skate park is underway!  Dirt is being delivered to the park to raise the elevation allowing us to build those righteous bowls you've been waiting for.  Once all the dirt is delivered and the appropriate drainage improvements are made, you'll see concrete poured for skate surfaces.  Expect this to occur late in October.  As construction continues, we'll keep you up to date.

Spring 2019 - After much planning and public input, construction is about to begin on the skate park! The skate park is planned to be located in the southern portion of Frederick Recreation Area, along Godding Hollow Parkway. The Town is working with Team Pain, a professional skate park design and construction firm with worldwide recognition.  While elements of the design below will be incorporated, Team Pain is also updating the design to give it a similar feel to the course that will be skated at the Olympics in 2020, when skateboarding becomes an Olympic sport!
FREDERICK Skate Park design 6
FREDERICK Skate Park design 2
FREDERICK Skate Park design 4
FREDERICK Skate Park design 5
FREDERICK Skate Park design 3