Our History, Our Future, Our Brand

About Frederick, CO

One of the best small towns near Denver

Twenty miles north of the Mile High City lies one the best small towns near Denver, the Town of Frederick, CO. This family-friendly small town near Denver has a rich history of being built on what matters.

The Town of Frederick is located on Colorado’s beautiful Front Range of the Rocky Mountains. The Town comprises 14 square miles of area, east and west of Interstate 25, south of State Highway 119 and along State Highway 52. Its current population of over 14,000 residents enjoy the Town’s central location, allowing easy access to the Denver and northern metropolitan areas. The transportation network opens up a wide variety of major attractions less than 30 minutes away. At the center of the Carbon Valley area, including Firestone, Dacono, Mead and Erie, Frederick stands out as a community hub for a larger population of 46,000. Community members enjoy unparalleled views of the Rocky Mountains and recreational opportunities abound throughout the community’s trails, parks and open space. Educational amenities and community involvement opportunities allow Frederick’s residents to take an active role in shaping the place they are proud to call home. As one of the fastest-growing communities in Colorado, Frederick is working hard to ensure that growth results in a cohesive community that preserves the small-town feel and rich heritage its residents have come to enjoy.

I love living in Frederick. The growth is exciting and there are so many ways to be involved in the community.

Dustan Flanagan
Frederick Resident

Our History

Learn more about the small town of Frederick, CO

The town has a rich history that we should all strive to remember and perpetuate. Frederick was incorporated in 1907 by three young women who named the town after their father, Frederick A. Clark, the landowner of the site now known as Frederick.

Frederick has been built on what matters since 1907, when a group of mostly Italian immigrants chose to make a better life for their families by taking the opportunity to work in the many coal mines in the area. Paid $2 a day for their dangerous work, miners are often the forgotten heroes of Colorado’s history. The town honors their memory with our annual Miners Day Celebration. Though it was very dangerous work with meager pay, it was a chance at a new life in America. They embraced the challenge to build a community they were proud to call home. Educating the next generation has always been a priority in Frederick and in 1916, they built the first Frederick High School. When a local grocery store was seen as a need, a local family opened one that also served as a bank to cash paychecks from the mine. When the townspeople wanted a diversion from the stresses of working in the mine, a gambling game would materialize to entertain and distract. When they were in need of a reliable water source, they banded together to purchase what is now known as Milavec Lake at Frederick Recreation Area. And after the flood in 1957, they worked together to pick up the pieces just as neighbors helped neighbors after the most recent flood in 2013.

We want to give all Frederick residents a chance to participate in the preservation of our Town’s history. This can be as simple as sharing family photos and their histories with the Historic Preservation Commission. Stories and anecdotes are also welcome. Your memories might well spark others. All are invited to share their memories and those of their families. Our town history should be special to all of us. Help us by doing whatever you can to share your history.

Our Future

Where is this small town near Denver headed?

Exciting things are happening in the growing Town of Frederick, Colorado. If you haven’t visited Frederick recently, chances are you’ll be surprised at what you find. Hundreds of new homes are being built each year, outpacing housing starts for the surrounding communities of Longmont, Firestone and Dacono combined. Longmont United Hospital opened the first phase of a health campus called Indian Peaks Medical Center at the corner of Silver Birch Blvd (CR11) and SH 52 in December 2013. The popular cell-phone case manufacturer Otterbox chose Frederick for a distribution and call center outpost. Small businesses such as Georgia Boys BBQ and Mountain Cowboy Brewing have created  a name for themselves in Frederick’s downtown. 

In 2014, Frederick unveiled a new brand and logo that reflect the pioneering spirit that continues to be a foundation for one of the best small towns near Denver where the life you dream of is yours to create. Community members in Frederick know that their voice makes a difference and that they continue to have an active role in creating a community they can be proud to call home. The new brand was truly inspired by the people who live and work in Frederick and can be seen in the brand video and promise below.

In Frederick…
We believe in rolling up our sleeves
Not just for ourselves, but for each other.
We believe in playing outside until the stars flicker on
and protecting the hallowed ground of childhood.
We believe in a lifelong commitment to actions as good as our intentions.

We believe in the power of our voices and the obligation
of our hearts to form a strong foundation.
We believe we’re onto something that’s worth all we can give it.
Here the life we dream of is ours to create.

My husband and I moved to Frederick in 2005 and have found it is a wonderful place to raise a family. We have two small boys and love the parks and other amenities Frederick has to offer. Seeing familiar faces at local businesses is another thing that makes Frederick so great. We are often greeted by name, and always with a smile. Although Frederick has grown quickly over the last decade, it has retained the home-town feel we’ve come to love so much.

Kristen Davis
Frederick Resident


Families call Frederick, CO home

Frederick’s median age of 33.3 says more about the kind of people attracted to this small town near Denver’s family-friendly environment than anything else we could say: young families are choosing to call Frederick home. Top-notch public safety, a vast array of community amenities and a stellar school system all make Frederick the perfect place for a growing family. 

Frederick has an active Neighborhood Watch program that the Frederick Police Department works hard to support to foster two-way communication with each neighborhood. Frederick is also served by the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, which recently received a Class 2 rating from the Insurance Service Office (ISO), putting them in the top 1.5% of fire department ISO ratings in Colorado and the United States.

Frederick currently has 26 acres of park land per 1,000 people, which is significantly higher than most communities in the Front Range and 85% of all residents have a pocket park or neighborhood park within walking distance. Frederick is also home to the Carbon Valley Recreation Center, Gymnastics Center and Senior Center as well as the Bulrush Wetland Park and Frederick Recreation Area.

Frederick is part of the St. Vrain Valley School District, the 8th largest in the state. Superintendent Don Haddad was named the 2013 National Superintendent of the Year and the district is regularly honored with statewide awards for excellence. The St. Vrain Valley School District works tirelessly to provide students with an education full of diverse opportunities while staying on the cutting edge of technology and educational trends. There are twelve schools in the Carbon Valley area, of which six are in Frederick, including Frederick High School.