Downtown Development Plan

The Downtown Development Plan is a tool that the town uses to implement their Comprehensive Plan and to guide development in a core downtown area. While the Comprehensive Plan is a primary guide for growth and development in a community, a Downtown Development Plan is able to focus on the unique characteristics of the downtown area by customizing the planning process and land use regulations in that area. View the following segments of the plan, and what each entails.

    • Introduction
    • Purpose
    • Landscape Concepts
    • Sidewalks and Pedestrian Improvements
    • Lighting Concepts
    • Street Furnishings
    • Public Art
    • Signage
    • Key Intersections
    • Parks, Plazas, and Public Spaces
    • Introduction
    • Infrastructure Overview
    • Water
    • Sewer / Wastewater
    • Drainage and Hydrology
    • Dry Utilities
    • Public Safety
    • Schools
    • Parks and Public Facilities
    • Public Transit
    • Introduction
    • How This Plan Can Encourage Private Economic Investment
    • Economic Conditions Influencing Development Potential in the Downtown
    • Key Strategic Economic Development Issues
    • Recommended Development Incentives
    • Implementation Action Plan
    • Potential Funding Mechanisms

Approved by the Town Board on December 8, 2009.
Adopted by the Planning Commission on February 2, 2010.