Historic Preservation Committee

Historic City Hall

About the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission

The Historic Advisory Commission can consist of seven members. The commission has the following responsibilities:
  • To research and maintain a record of the history of the Town's social, religious, economic, political matters and other matters, including the unfolding events of the present (separate from the governmental and statutory record of the Town created and maintained by the Town Clerk's office.)
  • To create and maintain an inventory of historical assets within the Town of Frederick.
  • To organize, coordinate the Town's museum and maintain its contents.
  • To advise the Board of objects, structures or other features in the Town with historic significance that may be in danger of being lost or damaged.
  • To assess the community for key community places, buildings and historic resources and develop an historic preservation policy that will enable the Town to designate historic structures.
  • Publicize and disseminate the history of the Town through educational programming, publication, social media, etc. working in coordination and collaboration with other commissions and local organizations.
  • Produce an annual report/summary of the Town events and occurrences (a year in review.)


Meghan Martinez, Staff Representative
Jan Bax
Nancy Bergen
Mark Lamach, Trustee


Currently there are four vacancies on the Historic Preservation Advisory Commission. If you are interested in joining the commission, please submit an application and a questionnaire
  1. Around Frederick
Around Frederick was written in 2013 by Historic Preservation Commissioner Sean Scott. The publication contains a history of the Town of Frederick as well as photos and stories generously donated by members of the Frederick and Carbon Valley Community.
Sean Scott, author of Around Frederick