Are road improvements scheduled in the near future for Highway 52?

The town is currently reviewing plans for the proposed Silverstone Marketplace Development, which is coming at Highway 52 in Colorado Boulevard, with the Anchor Store King Soopers there. One of the major questions we get is about the congestion and the improvements coming for Highway 52. As a staff, we meet with CDOT regularly. We meet with our MPO, which is a planning organization where we can request funding called DRCOG. CDOT has indicated that a big resurfacing project will happen on 52. And while it won't widen anything, it will improve the drivability, the potholes, the cracking out there. They're planning on that for probably the end of 2025, beginning of 2026. And that'll go all the way from I-25 to Highway 85. It's a big improvement that we are looking forward to. 

As developments come in, we will see the opportunity to widen lanes to help with congestion issues, intersection improvements, and making sure that development pays its own way. 

Another area that we're focused on is working with our neighbors to the south of Highway 52 and the city of Dacono. We've been meeting with them regularly to identify areas where we can collaborate. So it's got a little bit of a regional aspect to it, but we've been big advocates lately for improving Highway 52 and we want to make sure that continues. 

As a resident of the Town of Frederick your voice can be heard by advocating for this region or for Highway 52 improvements in particular, a couple of things that you can do. There was a survey at one point from CDOT in particular that they asked questions of our area on the conditions of Highway 52. Unfortunately, that survey has closed, but they do have help information, phone numbers listed on their website that we're happy to provide. They are always welcome to share your feedback if you see any areas of concern specifically related to safety. 

As the Board of Trustees and staff, we work with our state representatives, Representative Parenti in particular has been helping us advocate our voice in the town of Frederick to expedite attention to Highway 52. I would implore you to get involved with your congressional leaders, house district leaders, and state representatives. You have a few of them who are running for election now and making sure that your voice is heard loud and clear that Highway 52 is a safety concern that needs to be addressed now. 

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