What does the work schedule look like?

Judges will be required to attend a training session prior to beginning work.  This training is tentatively scheduled for March 13, 2024 at a time yet to be determined.  Then between the dates of March 14 and April 12, judges will be needed for multiple work shifts.   Many of the preliminary shifts can be determined to meet the collective convenience of the group of judges.  However, shifts of March 29, April 1, April 2, and April 11 (or 12) will be mandatory.  The shifts will generally take place during regular business hours with the exception of Election Day, April 2.  That day will begin mid-day and all judges will be required to work into the evening until the count is complete.  Depending on many factors, this may extend late into the night.

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1. Do I qualify to be an election judge?
2. What skills do I need to have?
3. What does the work schedule look like?
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