How is the Town transparent with information to keep residents informed?

The Town takes transparency very seriously. Our strategic plan helps us to achieve that. It is continually being developed, reviewed, and redone as necessary. All of our board meetings are live streamed, and if you miss one the video is posted to our website. We also have community tour and talks, offering an opportunity to talk with our staff members and elected officials. We hold public meetings and conduct surveys to get community feedback. Additionally, all Trustees and Mayor Crites phone numbers and email addresses are on our website. 

We also encourage residents to download our town app, there's a transparency portal there. Just in terms of your concern that goes through the app, you can see when it's submitted, who it's submitted to, and when the issue will be resolved. So it doesn't go into a dark hole and there's transparency in regards to that. 

The board has been working very diligently on adopting a code of ethics, as well as working on developing a transparency portal on our website. On our website currently, there's a whole page dedicated to the strategic plan. The strategic plan is the vision of the community where the board has collected feedback from the community and formed that into a plan, and that certainly has quite a bit of information on there.

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