Scholarship Committee

About the Scholarship Commission

The Commission was established by ordinance in 2008 by the Board of Trustees as an advisory body to the Board of Trustees. The Commission is responsible for reviewing applications for the Frederick High School Scholarship. Each year the Commission recommends students to the Board of Trustees as recipients of the scholarship.


Tracie Crites, Mayor
Sean Corey
Brion Stapp


There is one vacancy on the Frederick Scholarship Commission at this time.

Frederick High School Scholarship

The Board of Trustees established the scholarship program in 2008. Awarded to Frederick residents who are graduating seniors each year. The scholarship is payable at one thousand five hundred dollars ($2,000.00) per year for four the first four years of college eligibility not to exceed six years after the initial award as long as the student maintains their eligibility. Frederick residents who are graduating from one of the following are eligible to apply for the scholarship.

(1) A St. Vrain Valley School District high school.

(2) An accredited high school in Colorado.

(3) An accredited home school program.

(4) A high school that is part of the Frederick feeder system

The scholarship committee invites you to nominate a student for the Frederick High School Scholarship.  Nominations are due by Monday, February 20, 2023, to give students enough time to complete the application upon nomination.  A student can be nominated by completing the Nomination Form and emailing it to Meghan Martinez or by completing the online nomination

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