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Bulrush Open Space

Max Occupancy 60


  1. Bird Watching
  2. Educational Signs
  3. Gorgeous Views
  4. Parking
  5. Pavilion
  6. Plant Species
  7. Trails
  8. Wildlife Habitat

Bulrush Open Space is located just over two miles west of I-25 on CO-52. This unique plant and bird sanctuary offers a great educational opportunity as well as a haven for wildlife enthusiasts. 

Created as a wetland mitigation bank, Bulrush Open Space was granted a charter by the Army Corps of Engineers. The developers of the wetlands donated the property to Frederick, who took over management of the wetlands in 2007. 

Under the charter granted by the Army Corps of Engineers, this open space is open by appointment only from sunrise to sunset. Periodic closures may also occur to protect wildlife and for resource management. 

For more information or to schedule an access appointment, contact Colby Johnson at