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2020 Finale Friday and Farmers Market Application

  1. 2020 Finale Friday & Farmers Market Application

    To have a vendor space at Frederick's Finale Friday & Farmers Market, please complete this application in entirety. You will be contacted to confirm your requested vendor dates. Please also review and sign the 2020 Frederick Vendor Rules & Regulations paperwork. Your application is not complete until these two documents are on file with the Town of Frederick. PLEASE DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONTACTED FOR CONFIRMATION OF ACCEPTANCE.

  2. Questions?

    Jessica Hill - Communications & Engagement Specialist |

  3. (as you would like it to appear in promotional materials/website)

  4. Number to reach you in emergencies.

  5. If a different person than the business owner will be attending the market, please add their information below:

  6. Please check the proper vendor classification for your products:*

    The Town reserves the right to accept or reject applicants and to make the final determination as to classification. Your organization must fit into at least one of the following categories.

  7. If Applicable, The Town Reserves the right to inspect the farm/facility to verify status of growing/producing items claimed by applicant.

  8. If Applicable, Needed for prepared food items.

  9. Are you selling under the Cottage Food Act? *

    The Town reserves the right to verify your status as a Cottage Food Vendor at any time. By selecting yes, you are agreeing that you have the necessary certifications and labeling requirements.

  10. Do you have the ability to accept credit/debit cards? *

    Being able to accept credit/debit cards is not a requirement for participating in our market, this is just for marketing purposes.

  11. Would you like us to link to your website? *

  12. I use a:

    Vendors using these will be located to reduce impacts to customers and other vendors from noise/fumes/safety hazards.

  13. Booth Reservations

    Booths will be 12x12 feet and located in Crist Park (105 5th Street, Frederick, CO). Booth spaces will be flagged on the grass. If you require more than a 12x12 space, please let us know how much space you’ll need and we will do our best to accommodate your request. Vendor maps, unloading instructions and any other details will be emailed the week of the event. There are two options available for renting a booth space: per event or full season (8 events). If you attend every week in the full season, you will be entitled to a 50% rebate at the end of the season. We do not guarantee that your booth space will stay the same for the entire season, but will do our best to keep the spaces consistent.

  14. Sales Reports

    All vendors are required to report and remit applicable sales taxes to the State of Colorado. Produce and food items are exempt from Frederick municipal sales tax. Ready-to-eat foods (breakfast burritos, hot coffee, etc.) and non-food goods are subject to municipal and State sales tax (6.4% total). We will also ask you to report your end of day sales to the Market Manager for research purposes.

  15. Special Events at the Market

    Market themes, family activities, food trucks and bands will be announced through our website, Facebook, newsletters, and email. Stay tuned!

  16. 2020 Finale Friday & Farmers Market Dates

  17. Vendor Payment Information

    There is a one-time, nonrefundable $50.00 application fee. Payment and completed application must be received at least two weeks before your first Market date. The Town will not issue refunds for booth reservations.

  18. Vendor Fee*

    Will you be participating in the Full Season, or a Per-Event Basis?

  19. Power Access

    Vendors using power will be assessed an additional fee. Please note there is limited power available.

  20. Please check your desired market dates:

  21. I have read the Vendor Application and am aware of the responsibilities and liabilities I assume under the 2020 Vendor/Exhibitor Rules and Regulations, and agree to abide by all Market Rules as well as all applicable local, state and federal regulations. I will comply with directions issued by the Market Manager and other Town officials. I understand that failure to do so will be immediate grounds for temporary or permanent expulsion from the Market and forfeiture of any amounts paid to use or reserve a booth or other space at the Market.

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