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Special Event Application


  1. 1. Temporary Use Application
  2. 2. Form A Traffic Plan
  3. 3. Form B Trash and Sanitation Plan
  4. 4. Form C - Security Plan
  5. 5. Form D - Bounce House Form
  • Temporary Use Application

    1. Special Event Application
      Special Event Applications (Temporary Use Applications) are for events that are open to the public regardless of location and/or if your event will have 200 ore more attendees.
    2. Applicant Information
    3. Please enter the name of the primary contact person for this event
    4. Event Information
      Please provide us with information about the event you are proposing to hold.
    5. Please provide a detailed description of your event including number of volunteers.
    6. All Applications are required to be accompanied by a Site Plan
      The site plan must meet the following requirements as applicable to your event.
    7. Minimum 8 1/2" x 11" Plan Sheet Drawn to Scale
      The following checklist should be utilized when creating your site plan. If you plan to request an alcohol permit with this application you may include are required elements on this plan sheet. A sample site plan is included below as a reference.
    8. Sample Site Plan
      Sample Site Plan
    9. A site plan is required for all temporary use applications. Please note that if you are requesting alcohol with your event, you may have additional requirements for your site plan.
    10. Certification
      Please submit a letter from the property owner (if different from the applicant) with this application. If you are requesting use of public property please indicate which property below.
    11. Event Details
      For all "Yes" Responses, submit the corresponding additional forms. The forms are included in this application for your convenience.
    12. Will your event be open to the public?*
    13. Will your event require temporary closure of roads within the Town?*
    14. Will your event be held at a Frederick Recreation Area Picnic Pavilion, Bulrush Wetland Park, Centennial Park, or Crist Park?*
    15. Will your event be held on Town of Frederick Property?*
    16. Will alcohol be sold or served at the event?*

      If you have questions about applying for a special event permit for the sale and/or service of alcohol, contact the Town Clerk's office at 720-382-5500.

    17. Will your event have one or more bounce houses to be used on Town Property?*
      All requests for bounce houses on public or private property will also need to be requested with the Frederick Firestone Fire Protection District to complete a Temporary Structure Permit.
    18. Will your event have one or more tents that are 400 sq/ft or larger?
    19. Certification by Applicant
      I certify that the information and exhibits I have submitted are true and correct to the best of my knowledge. In filing this application I am acting with the knowledge and consent of the property owners. I understand that all materials and fees required by the Town of Frederick must be submitted prior to having this application processed.