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Photography Contest 2023

  1. Do you have a great photo you took in Frederick that reflects Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empowered, and Dedicated? Complete the following application and photo release form to enter it in our contest to be in our 2024 Built on What Matters Calendar! Photographers must explain why the photo depicts Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empowered, and Dedicated to them. We'd love to see photos of town events, art pieces, hidden gems in Frederick and all seasons represented! The deadline for submitting is October 1, 2023, so get out there and start snapping or submit a photo you've already taken. Please limit submissions to five per photographer.

  2. Rules for entering the Calendar Photo Contest:

    • All photos must be submitted in their full resolution. Photographs submitted less then 2000 pixels on their long edge will not qualify to win a category.
    • All photos must be taken in Frederick and you must provide the location of the photograph.
    • If the photo was taken at a private residence, the location will not be released to the general public.
    • You must have permission to photograph the subjects of the photo. Exceptions are made for Town event photos.
    • All photographers will be required to explain why their photograph reflects Frederick's values: Family, Respect, Empowered, and Dedicated.
    • All photographers are allowed to submit no more than five (5) photographs. (If you submit more than five, we will only consider your first five.)

  3. Indicate the location or event where this photo was taken.
  4. Please indicate the date this photo was taken.
  5. Town of Frederick Photo Release Form
    I hereby give the Town of Frederick, CO. and its legal representatives and assigns, the right and permission to publish, without charge the following photographs. These photographs may be used in publications, including electronic publications, or in audiovisual presentations, promotional literature, advertising, or in other similar ways.
  6. I hereby warrant that I am over eighteen years of age, and am competent to contract in my own name.
  7. Signature
  8. Disclaimer: Above information will be held in confidence and is never released or sold.
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