Do you need to replace your dead tree?

Yes Please! We love trees in Frederick. We encourage you to plant more than the minimum required. The Town of Frederick requires a tree near the street and one in the front yard. After move in, the tree near the street is the homeowner’s responsibility. So, replant those trees. They reduce the impacts of weather (sun and wind) on your home.  And who, who doesn’t love playing in the leaves?

Section 2.14 of the Land Use Code says, there shall be no less than one (1) tree in addition to the minimum required street tree within the front yard unless otherwise approved by the Town. All corner lots adjacent to a street or alley shall provide a side yard tree in addition to the required street tree, unless otherwise approved by the Town. 

Need to replant a tree, check out the Frederick tree sale! Starting February 1, a variety of trees will be available for purchase, on a first come first serve basis, and can be picked up just in time for Arbor Day in April. 

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