What kind of fence can I have? How tall can it be?

Examples of permitted fence types:

  • Treated Wood
  • Decorative Metal
  • Cast Iron Fences
  • Stucco Walls
  • Stone Walls
  • Brick Walls with a Stone Cap
  • If you want propose a different type of fence, contact the Planning Department.

Other Information-

  • No permit is required for installing a fence, however if a contractor is installing the fence, they must be licensed with the Town. 
  • Be sure to check with the Town and your HOA for development guidelines and standards, such as style and approved colors. If you live in a development with no HOA, you are only required to abide by Town standards. If the fence is for a commercial building, check with the Planning Department for guidelines.
  • Need to know where your property line is? You will need to contact a private surveyor to determine your property lines. 
  • Rear and side fences can be up to 6ft tall.
  • Front fences can not exceed 42 inches.
  • Front fences must be at least 50% see through.
  • Do you have a corner lot? If so, then a sight distance restrictions apply to the corner where the two streets meet. Contact the Engineering Department for more information.  

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