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Posted on: January 31, 2019

2019 Budget Highlights

On December 11, 2018, the Mayor and Board of Trustees approved the Town’s fiscal year 2019 budget for the period beginning January 1, 2019 and ending December 31, 2019.  This is the operational budget for all town services and programs for the Town of Frederick. This year’s budget continues to focus on providing quality core programs and services to the community, while being conscious of the fiscal constraints of the budget.  By the end of 2019, the Town projects having over $24 million in unreserved funds across all fund types. In addition, the Town continues to enjoy a AA rating from Standard & Poor’s, the world’s leading provider of credit ratings. Below are some of the program highlights included in the 2019 budget.

Community Outreach and Events
•    Community BBQ Tour – The Town Board will continue its Community BBQ Tours beginning in June. These events, held in neighborhoods throughout the community, give the Board an opportunity to meet with and listen to citizen’s ideas and thoughts on how to continue making Frederick great.  The 2019 BBQ Tour schedule is available online.

•    Community Events – The Town will once again host many exciting special events for the community throughout the year including Chainsaws & Chuckwagons, DIY Day and Fishing Clinic, Downtown Sounds, Frederick in Flight, Miners Day, Festival of Lights, Clean up Days, Tiny Terror Town, and more.  Check out the events page for more information on these events. 

•    Finale Fridays & Frederick Market – With the success and popularity of the Frederick Market events that included family-friendly themed special activities, the Town has redesigned the farmers’ market to Finale Fridays.  Instead of weekly farmers’ markets, Finale Friday will be held on the last Friday of each month May through October, and will include special themed events, beer gardens and all of your favorite farmers’ market vendors.  

Parks, Trail and Recreation Maintenance and Improvements
•    Skate Park Development – Staff, along with a professional skate park consulting company and community feedback, completed the design of a skate park in 2016. In 2018, the Town was awarded grant funding in the amount of $220,000 along with a donation from Anadarko Petroleum Corporation for $400,000, which compliments the Open Space and Park Funds allocated for the project’s construction. The skate park will be built at the Frederick Recreation Area.

•    Playground Improvements – The 2019 Budget includes funding for a new pour-in-place (a rubber playground surface) for the Coalridge Park playground. 

•    Trail Development – The 2019 Budget includes $159,000 in funding for trail installations that focus on improving pedestrian circulation and completing existing pedestrian pathways. In addition, the budget includes funding for the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant the Town received in 2017. This project will safely connect the Savannah, Angel View, and Carriage Hills subdivisions to the Downtown and Thunder Valley K-8 school.   

•    Bella Rosa Golf Course – In late 2017, the Town took over operations of the 9-hole golf course.  The 2019 budget includes funding to continue to improve the quality of the course and the overall customer experience of this family-friendly community amenity.  We will continue to host family-friendly events, tournaments, and other special events.

 Infrastructure Maintenance and Improvements
•    Roadway Projects – The Town has been working jointly with the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) and City of Dacono to design and construct improvements to the I-25/Highway 52 interchange. Frederick and Dacono received a Highway Safety Improvement Grant (HSIP) from CDOT to cover 90 percent of this project’s cost, with the two towns splitting the remaining 10 percent. This grant will make the accident-heavy interchange (200 reported in the last five years) safer by creating an eastbound acceleration lane from the northbound off-ramp of I-25. 

•    Paving Program – The Town has allocated $700,000 towards pavement maintenance throughout town in 2019.

•    Downtown Alleyway Improvements – The Town has continued to allocate funding to begin its fourth year of a planned seven-year project for alleyway improvements by paving the alleyways in downtown. A section of these alleyways will be completed each year until all the alleys in downtown are completed.    

•    Master Planning – Funding has been set aside for several master planning projects that will help outline and plan for the town’s future.  The Town will undergo master planning processes for Transportation and Stormwater.

Public Safety
•    Police – As our community continues to grow, its public safety needs are impacted. The 2019 Budget includes funding for an additional police vehicle and a police officer position.  In addition, the department has added a second detective position.

•    Emergency Management – The Town has entered into an agreement with the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District (FFFPD), Mountain View Fire Protection District and the Towns of Dacono and Firestone to establish an Emergency Management Service Area, to hire an Emergency Management Coordinator, and to share those costs.  The Coordinator will be an employee of the FFFPD, but will be responsible for handling functions that deal with all phases of a disaster or large-scale emergency that impact our region.  As we have experienced in the past, large scale emergencies usually impact the entire Carbon Valley area and the establishment of this office is intended to be able to coordinate the response and recovery for the benefit of the entire region. The 2019 budget includes funding for the Town’s share of this position.

Water Planning
•    Water Programming – The Town continues to commit to development and construction of new water supplies, including the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP) and the Windy Gap Water Projects. These water projects will ensure the community is able to meet the water needs of growth for the next 20 years. They also safeguard current residents and businesses during drought years that already occur.

•    Raw Water Extension – The Town will continue to expand its raw water system into areas where it currently uses potable water in existing park and open space areas. This is not only a better use of water types, but also reduces costs based on the type of water used for these green spaces. As the expansion continues, please be aware of signs warning not to drink the water.

This is certainly not a comprehensive list of the various programs, services and capital projects included in the budget, but just some of the items you will see throughout the 2019 calendar year.  If you would like further detail, the full budget document will be available on the Town’s website. If you have questions or comments, please let us know.  Some of the best ideas and outcomes are generated directly from your feedback; this joint approach is critical for our community’s success.

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