Pre-Application Meetings

What is a Pre-Application Meeting? 

A pre-application meeting is the first step in the development review process. The pre-application meeting is a scheduled meeting with Town of Frederick staff and applicants to discuss requirements for submitting an application. Pre-Application meetings are held virtually through Zoom or in person upon request.  

Pre-application meetings are required prior to the submittal of a development application.  Please email the Planning Department or call 720.382.5610 to schedule a meeting. 

What to Bring to a Pre-Application Meeting? 

Please bring a conceptual plan of the project proposal and ensure all hired consultants can attend. 

After the Pre-Application Meeting

After the pre-application meeting, before an application may be submitted, a neighborhood meeting will be held. Neighborhood meetings provide an opportunity for neighboring property owners to view the proposed development prior to formal submittal to the Town. Neighborhood meeting dates and locations will be posted on the Town Meeting Calendar when scheduled.  

Application Submittals

At the time of application submittal, all items identified in Appendix A must be provided. If all items from the checklist are not included in the application submittal, the application will be deemed incomplete and the review process will be delayed.

Application packages may be submitted no later than 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday. Review of your project may be delayed if the deposit and application fee check is not received by the submittal deadline. 

Applications received after the deadline will not be reviewed until the next week

After the initial sufficiency review, if more information is needed, an email will be sent requesting all missing information prior to sending the application for review.