Top 10 2023

Town of Frederick's Top 10 accomplishments of 2023!

10. Supporting Local BusinessLocal Business Support 10

In a year marked by numerous achievements, the Town of Frederick's commitment to nurturing its local business environment stands out as a highlight. 

Introducing the Investment Matching Program for Advancing Capital Transformations (IMPACT) Grant is a testament to our dedication to bolstering small businesses, a cornerstone of our strategic plan focusing on Community and Economic Vitality. The launch of the IMPACT Grant provides 1:1 matching financial assistance of up to $10,000 to support local businesses in enhancing their operations. This initiative, part of the Town's strategic focus on Community and Economic Vitality, was complemented by the first Frederick Business Awards, celebrating local businesses' contributions and achievements.

In 2023, we saw the benefits of this initiative as three businesses—Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Center, Cerus Fitness, and Operose Manufacturing—were each awarded $10,000, enabling significant improvements ranging from plumbing upgrades to advanced equipment purchases. 

The eligibility criteria for the IMPACT Grant ensure a wide-reaching impact. Catering to businesses with fewer than 50 employees, holding a valid Frederick business license, and in good standing with the Colorado Secretary of State, the program is designed to bolster businesses deeply rooted in our community. The diverse range of eligible projects, from property enhancements to specialized machinery acquisition, underlines our commitment to addressing the varied needs of our local businesses.

Beyond financial support, 2023 introduced our first Frederick Business Awards. This event gave recognition to outstanding contributions by local businesses in categories reflecting our core values—Family, Respect, Empowerment, and Dedication. The awards highlighted businesses like Front Range Tooling, Cerus Fitness, Holly Vejrostek, Hirsh Precision Products, HS Design, and FCI Constructors. We applaud our business community!

9. New Frederick Youth Commission

Youth CommissionThe Town of Frederick proudly announces the establishment of the Frederick Youth Commission as its ninth-biggest accomplishment in 2023. Formed by resolution at the Town Board Meeting on March 28, 2023, this commission is a testament to the Town's commitment to its youth and their vital role in shaping a dynamic and inclusive community.

The Frederick Youth Commission, an advisory body under the guidance of Town staff and an appointed trustee, is dedicated to amplifying the voices of youth in local governance. Its primary focus is to develop and recommend policies, programs, and services that support and actively engage the youth in local government affairs. This initiative allows students to gain in-depth knowledge about local governance, encouraging them to participate actively and represent the needs of their peers.

Members of the commission hold a non-voting presence in Town Commissions and Committees, fostering youth-adult partnerships and inclusive decision-making. Their contributions span various sectors:

  • Planning Commission: Involvement in Town planning activities on the Comprehensive Plan.
  • Parks, Open Space, and Trails Commission: Advising on matters related to Town parks, open spaces, and trails.
  • Frederick Arts Committee: Input on the pursuit and placement of art within the community.
  • Miners Day Committee: Assistance in planning and volunteering at Frederick's premier community event, Miners Day.
  • Historic Preservation Advisory Committee: Advising on preserving historical assets within the Town.

The commission's leadership in its inaugural year includes elected positions like Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Public Relations. These roles provide direction, manage communications, and uphold the commission's vision.

Made up of students from 8th to 12th grade from various schools, the commission reflects a wide array of interests and extracurricular activities from sports, arts, and clubs embodying the diverse passions of Frederick's youth.

Regular monthly meetings, attended by a Town staff member and a Board of Trustee member, focus on diverse topics from mental health, participation in Town events, and local government functions. These discussions are crucial in shaping policies and activities that resonate with the youth. To fill 20 positions, the commission invites applications to fill 10 vacancies. Serving on the commission presents a unique opportunity for the youth of Frederick to contribute to their community directly. 

Establishing the Youth Commission illustrates progression of the Town's Strategic Plan by contributing to the Dynamic, Inclusive, and Connected Community that is Frederick. It captures the youth's perspective, fostering new avenues for engagement. 

The Frederick Youth Commission provides an opportunity to empower the youth, ensuring their voices are heard and valued in local governance. As a part of Frederick's Top 10 accomplishments of 2023, the commission is a way of paving the future for a more connected community.

8. Expanding Water Efficiency ProgramsWater Conservation

Water conservation is a critical topic for communities in Colorado, and the Town of Frederick is leading the charge with its remarkable accomplishments in 2023. While growing environmental challenges and the need to preserve our precious water resources, Frederick has made substantial strides towards enhancing water conservation and efficiency programs. Topping the list of achievements for the year is the hiring of a Water Conservation Specialist aimed at fortifying Frederick's commitment to sustainability. This position, strategically outlined in the Town's Water Efficiency Plan, represents a significant step toward realizing our water efficiency goals.

In collaboration with Resource Central, Frederick offers its residents an array of water conservation and efficiency programs. This partnership has given rise to several noteworthy initiatives. The Lawn Replacement Program transforms thirsty lawns into vibrant, low-water landscapes. The Garden In A Box program provides discounted perennial garden kits for Colorado yards. To address concerns about rising summer water bills, Frederick's partnership with Resource Central offers Slow the Flow sprinkler evaluations at no cost to Town water customers.

New in 2023, Frederick's water customers also took advantage of rebate programs, including the Irrigation Controller Rebate, Toilet Rebate, and Clothes Washer Rebate, to encourage the adoption of water-efficient technologies and practices 

Frederick's dedication to water conservation extends beyond these individual programs. The Town is actively raising awareness about water conservation efforts by aligning with relevant legislation and building solid partnerships with water-focused agencies. Highlights from this commitment include: 

  • Adoption of the Water Efficiency Plan in 2022 upholds the Town's commitment to prioritize water conservation.
  • Continuing our partnership with Resource Central to offer programs such as Garden In A Box, Lawn Replacement, and Slow the Flow.
  • We promote Northern Water's Collaborative Water-Efficient Landscape Grant Program, open to new or redeveloping landscapes, including HOA-managed landscapes, that promote water efficiency.
  • Support for state bills, such as House Bill 19-1050 (2019) and Senate Bill 23-178 (2023), which advocate for water conservation through drought-tolerant landscaping rules.

Frederick's Municipal Water Efficiency Plan (WEP) serves as a blueprint for the Town's efforts to secure a reliable water supply while minimizing waste. As Frederick experiences consistent growth, the WEP is instrumental in planning for water resources and implementing demand-side strategies to maintain a sustainable water future. The programs and measures outlined in the WEP will be pivotal in reducing water consumption and ensuring a reliable water plan for future generations. 

Frederick's accomplishments in water conservation for 2023 are nothing short of remarkable.

7. Ballot Initiative 2C

Ballot 2CIn the November Coordinated Election, voters supported Ballot Issue 2C, expanding the use of Open Space tax dollars for park and trail improvements.

The official results from Weld County are below:

Yes/For    3426
No/Against    1012
Total Votes    4438

Voter Approved Amendment
The existing half cent town sales and use tax collected to fund the maintenance, restoration, acquisition, and preservation of open space land will be amended to include the use of funds for the maintenance, acquisition, and construction of parks, trails, and related amenities.

This result represents the priorities set forth by our community, marking a significant 

6. Snow and Ice Control UpgradeSnow and Ice COntrol -2

To prepare for the 2023 winter season, the Town made a comprehensive upgrade to its Snow and Ice Control Plan, enhancing its capabilities to manage winter conditions more effectively. This upgrade includes expanding resources to ensure manpower to tackle snow and ice challenges promptly and investing in equipment and cutting-edge technology to improve forecasting and response strategies.


  • Added a weather station equipped with a state-of-the-art sensor to accurately measure temperature, humidity, wind speed, and precipitation levels.
  • Installed cameras in town to track snow conditions.
  • Installed GPS devices on plow vehicles providing real-time visibility to the public.

Additionally, the tier system has been expanded with added attention to residential streets. This refined plan ensures a timely response to minimize disruption and maximize safety for residents during winter weather events.


  • Improved Tier 3 - Residential streets will be plowed after snowstorms that produce over six inches (changed from eight inches) of snow within one 24-hour period. Residential streets will only be plowed after the Tier 1, and Tier 2 routes are safe and completed. Tier 3 will be only one or two passes depending on the overall width of the streets.
  • New Tier 4 - Ice Removal will occur if cold temperatures persist and snow may be hauled if there is considerable accumulation. Inlets will be cleared for optimal draining. Tier 4 will be activated after Tier 1, 2, and 3, are safe and completed. 

With these enhancements, the Town is better positioned to maintain smooth, safe transit and living conditions throughout winter.

5. Agilent Technologies Facility Expansion 

Agilent ExpansionIn February 2023, Agilent Technologies, a renowned leader in life sciences research, marked a significant milestone in Frederick as they celebrated the groundbreaking of its multi-million-dollar expansion project.

Agilent’s mission is to advance quality of life by focusing expertise in six key markets:

  • Food – Help ensure that our global food supply is free of contaminants.
  • Environmental and Forensics – Monitor contaminants affecting quality of life. They also play a role in Law Enforcement by providing tools and instruments to analyze and verify evidence, and in helping ensure top performing athletes are competing fairly.
  • Pharmaceutical – Performs disease research, drug discovery and development, manufacturing, and quality control.
  • Diagnostics – Solutions to help pathology laboratories deliver fast, accurate information to the healthcare industry.
  • Chemicals and Advanced Materials – Provide products used for quality, compliance, and safety testing across the value chain from raw materials to final products for the chemicals, materials, and energy market.
  • Research – Help to advance knowledge about cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, autism, and other ailments.

Agilent not only stands as a leader in its industry but also actively contributes to the betterment of the Frederick community through various initiatives, and collaborations.  One standout example being their significant support for the STEM Program at Frederick High School.

This large-scale project earns the number five spot on our list exemplifying a long-term vision that prioritizes community and economic vitality as illustrated in our Strategic Plan.

4. Fostering Community EngagementCommunity Outreach

In 2023, the Town of Frederick distinguished itself with significant achievements in community engagement, emphasizing the philosophy that every voice matters. This accomplishment, ranking fourth in the Town's list of annual accomplishments, reflects a dedicated effort to involve residents in shaping the Town's future.

The Town of Frederick leveraged various platforms to gather community input, ensuring diverse perspectives were considered. You could say it was the "year of the survey!" Town staff conducted several in-depth surveys, both online and in person. In January, we dove into our Comprehensive and Downtown plans through our Frederick Forward initiative with nearly 2,000 responses across two surveys. We reached out in the spring with a Transportation Survey to prioritize local road needs. Residents were also encouraged to participate in the Colorado Department of Transportation survey related to Highway 52. In addition, the Town conducted multiple surveys over the summer and fall related to Community Parks and Water Infrastructure Master Plans. And, of course, we captured your feedback onour signature Town events!

Hats off to our dedicated staff for setting up information booths at Town events, Community Tour & Talk, and at a Town Hall Open House to meet residents face to face! These interactions provided invaluable insights into residents' preferences and concerns. We believe that in-person engagement builds stronger connections! Special thanks to all of our residents who took the time to give us your valuable opinions. We received thousands of responses through online surveys, project websites, interactive project maps, a digital Idea Wall, and direct dialogue.

In another effort to have meaningful conversations, we hosted our first Telephone Town Hall in October! This innovative event was another successful way for residents, elected officials, and Team FRED to interact and collaborate. In a world where digital communication reigned supreme, the Telephone Town Hall brought back the simplicity of a phone call, fostering direct and meaningful conversation between community members and elected officials. This initiative enhanced transparency and accessibility allowing residents to share thoughts, concerns, and ideas while gaining valuable insights into various topics.

The Town's efforts in community engagement were nationally recognized at this year's International City/County Management Association Annual Conference (ICMA). Polco and ICMA awarded the Town of Frederick the 2023 Voice of the People Award (VOP)! The only nationally recognized award given to local governments for their dedication to harnessing resident input.

Frederick's 2023 achievement in community engagement sets a precedent. By valuing and actively seeking residents' input, we are not just planning for the future but doing so in a way that reflects the aspirations and needs of the community. The Town remains committed to this inclusive approach, ensuring our growth and evolution are genuinely community-driven. Together, we are shaping the vision for Frederick's future!

3. New Town App

Town AppIn June, the Town of Frederick unveiled the new and dynamic Town of Frederick App enhancing community engagement and accessibility. This technological advancement ranks as the Town's third biggest accomplishment of the year, marking a new era of convenience and connectivity for residents and visitors alike.

The Frederick Town App is now a crucial tool for over 880 users who have embraced this digital innovation. It is a testament to the Town's commitment to modernizing and simplifying access to municipal services and information. Available for free download in both the Apple Store and Google Play, the App is easily accessible by searching for "The Town of Frederick, Colorado."

The App is designed as a comprehensive hub, offering various features that cater to the needs of the community:

  • Submit a Report: This feature allows residents to report issues like potholes and graffiti directly to the Town, fostering a collaborative effort to maintain the community's beauty and functionality.
  • Utility Management: Users can view, pay, and manage auto-pay for their Town of Frederick utility bill directly from the App.
  • Town News and Updates: Residents can easily stay informed with the latest news and access up-to-date information on community resources. 
  • Social Media and Communication: View content through our social media channels without logging into the specific channel. Also, get quick access to our YouTube channel, where we post all our videos.
  • Engagement and Information: The App includes sections for viewing the monthly newsletter, weekly police reports, and essential information for Frederick residents.
  •  Special Events: Discover our Town events and opportunities to volunteer, become a sponsor, and market vendor opportunities. 

The Town App's impact is sizeable, with over 330 submitted issues resolved, demonstrating the Town's responsiveness and the App's efficiency. It signifies a shift towards a more engaged, informed, and connected Frederick, where residents and visitors can experience the Town like never before.

The introduction of the Town of Frederick App is more than just a technological upgrade; it's a reflection of the Town's dedication to serving the community. The new App is not just an accomplishment for 2023 but a foundational step towards a more connected and digitally empowered future. It invites residents and visitors to explore, engage, and experience Frederick in an entirely new way. Download the Town of Frederick App today and join in community interaction and service evolution. 

2. Carbon Valley & Mead Launches Victim Services ProgramCvM Victim Services_CVM and Copy

In a significant stride toward community support, the Police Departments of Dacono, Firestone, Frederick, and Mead proudly launched the Carbon Valley & Mead (CVM) Victim Services Program in January 2023. This initiative represents a major accomplishment, marking our commitment to nurturing and supporting the needs in our community.

The CVM Victim Services Program provides resources and hope to victims of crime and unforeseen tragedies. This comprehensive program provides immediate crisis intervention and ongoing support, ensuring that those affected are not alone in their time of need. Our dedicated team of two full-time staff and six volunteers have made a significant impact, serving 260 victims to date, primarily those affected by domestic violence.

The Carbon Valley & Mead Victim Services Program provides 24/7 crisis intervention and support, information about victims' rights under the Colorado Victim Rights Act, and access to resources like financial, legal, and medical assistance for a comprehensive support network.

Our program's effectiveness was bolstered by the support of three grants – Victim Assistance and Law Enforcement (VALE), Justice Assistance Grant (JAG), and Rural Violent Crime Reduction Initiative (RVCRI). As part of our ongoing commitment to education and outreach, the Carbon Valley & Mead Victim Services Program recently hosted a webinar with the Justice Clearinghouse, focusing on the RVCRI. This initiative is a competitive grant and training program aimed at addressing violent crime in rural areas. The Town's Outreach Victim Advocate was invited to present key considerations when implementing victim services in a rural agency in relation to buy-in, understanding state-specific victim rights, strategic planning, the model to employ, hiring personnel and their responsibilities, intersection points with victims, reporting structures, ethical approaches, and professional wellness.

Learn more about the Carbon Valley & Mead Victim Services Program and discover how you can contribute to this vital community resource. Together, we can ensure that every victim receives the support and care they deserve.

1. Silverstone Marketplace and Economic Vitality

Front Rendering

The Silverstone Marketplace, to be situated at the prime location of the Northwest corner of Colorado Blvd. and Highway 52 in Frederick, proudly shares the number one spot in our top 10 list showcasing excellence. The development anticipates adding approximately 75,000 square feet encompassing a mix of retail, dining, and commercial space.

This project will unveil the eagerly awaited King Soopers Marketplace, which will be the largest grocery store in the Carbon Valley, bringing approximately 300 employment opportunities to Frederick.

Milestones to Completion 

  • Fall 2023: Earth moving work completed
  • First Half of 2024: Vertical groundbreaking is anticipated

Once complete, shoppers will delight in the convenience and variety of new offerings!

In addition to Silverstone Marketplace, several other projects are contributing to Frederick's economic vitality, sharing the top spot on our list. These include ongoing projects celebrated with ribbon-cutting ceremonies, such as Agilent, Aqua-Hot, Hirsh Precision Products, and the Toro Company. 

These collective successes have garnered significant recognition. The Economic Development Council of Colorado awarded Frederick the prestigious title of the 2023 Small Community of the Year, a testament to the Town's vibrant growth and vitality.