Top 10 2022

Town of Frederick's Top 10 accomplishments of 2022!

10. Excellence In Customer Service through Software and Tech ImprovementsSoftware Tech Improvements

In 2022, The Town focused on excellence in customer service by investing in two major software programs that lend to efficiency for staff and the public. Tyler Incode is a government financial software that promotes streamlining utility billing, financial reporting, expenditure tracking, and budget management. Accela is a building permit and development review software that provides transparency to the community with real-time data for permits and inspections. These software upgrades empower staff with the necessary tools to advance our Strategic Plan in the areas of Effective, Efficient & Strategic Government Operations and Fiscally Responsible Governance.

9. Moving Frederick Forward with Master Plans

Master Plan CompletedDuring 2022, multiple departments completed Master Plans that support the Town’s vision by identifying goals and aligning the next steps with the Strategic Plan. For example, the Outfall System Plan will guide decisions on future stormwater capital improvement projects. Other plans include the 25/52 East Subarea Plan, GIS Strategic Plan, and Water Efficiency Plan. These plans support many areas of our Strategic Plan: Effective, Efficient & Strategic Government Operations; Community and Economic Vitality; Strategic, Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure; and Fiscally Responsible Governance.

8. Working Towards our Water Future

We are working towards our water future in Frederick! In 2022, we updated the Water Efficiency Plan to create goals for water conservation. In addition, we made purchases to secure water which can be used to incentivize the development of future commercial businesses. We also created a new position in 2022, a Water System Manager, who works on all aspects of the Town’s water system, like compliance, training, and maintenance. These steps toward our water future support Strategic Plan areas of Effective, Efficient & Strategic Government OperationsStrategic, Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure; and Fiscally Responsible Governance.

7. Frederick Support for Local Business

Business Retention ProgramOur Economic Development Manager has been busy in 2022 implementing multiple business retention programs as part of the Community and Economic Vitality area of our Strategic Plan. These programs included more than 20 in-depth business interviews, business-specific events featuring a motivational speaker, and quarterly location-specific business roundtable discussions to engage with the business community. We continue to build trust with the business community and hope to add more offerings in 2023.


6. Recognition for Frederick at National Conference

ICMA ConferenceIn September 2022, members of the leadership team for Frederick presented the Town's Strategic Plan at the International City and County Manager's Association (ICMA) annual conference. The ICMA Annual Conference is the world's most prominent local government management professionals gathering. It was an honor to share the Board's vision and priorities and tell the tale of the Town's journey of developing and implementing a Strategic Plan. The opportunity to present at this prestigious conference gave national recognition to our Town. Frederick was also in the spotlight on ICMA TV with a video of the Town's latest innovations to advance economic development, community growth, community engagement, sustainability, and resilience!

5. 2022-2023 Strategic Plan Progress 

In August of 2022, the Board and Town staff met to reflect on our progress and to update the Town's Strategic Plan. The Town's Strategic Plan has six focus areas with goals prioritized to meet the needs of our growing community. High on our list is to bolster our community with new retail and economic development. These goals reflect the voices of the community and guide our program-based budget. In addition, having a plan gives staff clear direction and the Board of Trustees a roadmap when making policy decisions. The plan is woven into our FRED culture and referenced in everything from brainstorming sessions, focus groups with residents, and decision-making processes. The Strategic Plan serves as a guidepost for providing quality services to the community. Our mission is to foster an exceptional and inclusive community that is Built On What Matters.

4. New Trustees Elected In 2022Municipal Election

On April 5, after processing 1,398 ballots, incumbents Dan March and Windi Padia and newcomer Chad teVelde were elected to Trustee positions. These Trustees will serve a four-year term and represent the Dynamic, Inclusive & Connected Community area of our Strategic Plan. Kudos to our Town Clerk’s department for running a smooth election that supports our Effective, Efficient & Strategic Government Operations.

3. Created a Parks & Open Space Department

Parks and Open SpaceCreating a Parks & Open Space Department was a top priority for the Board of Trustees in 2022! This accomplishment supports several focus areas on the Town's Strategic Plan, including Community and Economic Vitality and Fiscally Responsible Governance. The Parks and Open Space Department’s mission is to promote and provide safe, comprehensive, and sustainable natural and recreational resources to the residents and visitors of Frederick. We are excited to watch the growth of our Town parks, open space, trails, and Bella Rosa Golf Course.


2. Community Satisfaction Survey: Your Voices at Work

Community Satisfaction SurveyWorking towards our Strategic Plan's focus area of a Dynamic, Inclusive & Connected Community, the Town of Frederick reached out to every household in the spring of 2022 to participate in a Community Satisfaction Survey. In August, during the Board’s annual retreat, resident opinions from the survey were incorporated into Strategic Plan updates. The survey results continue to provide insight into residents' priorities and drive areas of improvement. From formalizing our focus on Town parks to improving roadways, your voices are genuinely at work!

1. Roadwork Improvements

CIP Road WorkIn 2022, Frederick residents reaped the benefits of two major capital improvement projects on Town roadways. The Colorado Boulevard capital maintenance project included a mill and overlay between Tipple Parkway and Bella Rosa Parkway, improving road quality and appearance. In addition, the Colorado Boulevard & Tipple Parkway intersection improvement project, recognized in the Transportation Master Plan as the area of highest need, was completed in the fall. Aligning with our focus area of Strategic, Reliable & Sustainable Infrastructure, these projects result from our dedication to investing in our roadways.