Land Use Code Updates

Frederick SignWhat is a Land Use Code?

The purpose of a land use code is to create a well-designed community, protect natural and historical areas and promote character through the most appropriate uses of land.

A land use code sets the standards for quality site design, including street arrangement and efficiency, building  architecture and landscaping plans.

Curious what our current code says? Explore our existing Land Use Code.

What’s Happening?

The Town is working to update its Land Use Code.  We are inviting members of the public to participate in various stages.  You are a member of the public if you either:

  • Live in Frederick
  • Own property in Frederick
  • Own a business in Frederick
  • Are developing property in Frederick
  • Represent a person who is one of the above categories

We welcome your feedback on any element of the Land Use Code.  A potential sample of topics includes but is not limited to:

  • Development rules and regulations
  • The look and feel of Frederick
  • Business location and size
  • Required landscaping
  • Signs

Why is it Happening?

The Board of Trustees have requested that the Land Use Code be updated to better reflect the community.

When is it Happening?

Work has begun on this important project and will continue into 2022.  Check back to see what stage the project is in.

Upcoming Steps

The Town will host four focus groups both in person at Town Hall and virtually on the following dates/times.  

Links to attend virtually will be provided here 30 minutes prior to the beginning of each meeting.

Past Steps

  • August/September 2021 – staff and consultant meetings with individual members of the Board of Trustees to receive preliminary ideas.