Detective Corner

Knowledge is power! The Frederick Police Department detectives keep the community up to date on criminal activity so they can help prevent it, along with other topics of community interest.

Making Life More Difficult for Criminals and Thieves

As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, criminals, like many of us, become more active outdoors. Here are a few tips to help protect your property:

1. If you park a vehicle outside, make sure to ALWAYS lock your vehicle and DO NOT
        leave valuables inside. Valuables include: anything with your name on it (ex: mail,
        work badges, school IDs), garage door openers, spare house keys, tools,
        money, wallets/purses, etc.  If thieves can use it to trade for money or steal your
        identity then please take it inside.

2. DO NOT carry your Social Security card in your wallet/purse. Oftentimes we get reports
        of people  leaving their purses behind or having them stolen. Your SSN is the gateway
        to your identity. You will  rarely need your social security card during everyday 
        activities. Leave it locked in a safe place.

3. If you leave for vacation, ask the Frederick Police Department for a "vacation house
        watch" or  make an arrangement for your neighbor to look after your home. If you
        would like us to check on  your home while you are away, simply come to the PD to
        complete a form. Otherwise, it’s best to ask  a neighbor you trust to keep an eye out for
        anyone stopping by. Make sure someone is available to  put your trash cans away and
        collect your mail while out of town. Thieves look for simple clues that  someone may be
        gone before making their move.

4. If you own a trailer or camper then please make sure to keep some type of hitch lock
        on it if not  attached to a tow vehicle. The harder you make things to steal the less likely
        it is to get stolen.  Thieves don’t want to bring attention to themselves by using tools to
        cut/break things, especially in a  residential neighborhood.

5. If you have porch lights, then make sure they are turned on at night. Thieves like to
        operate in the shadows.  

6. Document serial numbers of small electronics and power tools. An easy way is to take
        photos.  Items stolen in Frederick can be found anywhere – if we can’t get them
        entered via serial number it  is likely they won’t be recovered if they are located.

7. MOST IMPORTANTLY- If you see something that is suspicious then please call dispatch
        at 720- 652-4222. If it’s an emergency, then dial 9-1-1. We have found neighbors talk
        frequently about  suspicious incidents among themselves and on social media sites but
        never actually call the police.  We don’t monitor social media continuously so the best
        way to let us know about an incident is to  call. The sooner you place the call the better
        chance we have of locating those involved.