Chainsaws & Chuckwagons

When: July 20, 21, 22 & 23, 2022
Where: Centennial Park 630 Eighth Street, Frederick, CO 80530

Only the most masterful chainsaw carvers can turn giant logs into beautiful works of art and we’re bringing them to Frederick to compete against each other! The carving competition will take place July 20, 21, 22 and 23 with family entertainment and food trucks (Chuckwagons)! Hour-long quick carves will be auctioned off on the spot on select days of the event. 

Don't forget! This is a competition. Bring the whole family out to see the completed wood carvings and vote for your favorite masterpiece carving (the big ones). 

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Art Map Carving Challenge

Many ask, "Where are the masterpiece carvings from the Chainsaws & Chuckwagons event?" We have placed the carvings from the 2022 event around Town and challenge you to find them using our Art In Public Places map! If you find all seven (7), you'll be entered to win a "Frederick event ready" prize pack! 

How to Participate:

  1. Use the map to go on a scavenger hunt to find the carvings.
  2. Take a selfie with the carving.
  3. Submit your picture through the online form. 

What Carvings Am I Looking For? 
You're tasked with finding the seven carvings listed here: 

  1. Leo
  2. Ostrich Trainer
  3. Mountain Goats
  4. Keep of the Trees
  5. Pyro Raptor
  6. Hang Ten
  7. Still Waiting

You have the whole month of November to explore! So, submit your selfies with the new carvings by November 30 to be entered to win.

Submit your selfies with this online form.

Thank you to all who came out to our 10th annual Chainsaws & Chuckwagons! It was a great time connecting as a community and supporting these cool carvers. 

Did you attend 2022 Chainsaws & Chuckwagons? Take the event survey to provide feedback!

And the winners are...

1st Place - Joe Wenal with Bear Camp

Joe Wenal - 1st Place

2nd Place - Justin Driver with Drinking Buddies

Justin Driver - 2nd place

3rd Place & Carver's Choice - Ryan Anderson with Pyroraptor

Ryan Anderson - 3rd place

How do I get my own carving?

This event is all about the carvers! Chainsaw carving is an art combining modern tools (chainsaws) with the ancient art of wood carving. Our carvers depend on festivals and competitions to support their livelihood. You can support them by:

  1. Visit carver booths to shop and purchase a unique wood carving. 
  2. Come to the quick carve auctions on Thursday and Saturday and bid on a quick carve. Go to the Town tent to sign up for a bid paddle. The quick carves start at 6 pm and carvers have one hour to create a one of a kind carving. Bid on a carving at the live auction that will take place in the park (near the carving area). 
  3. Meet the carver and purchase the masterpiece they are carving for the competition. You have four days to haggle with our carvers and finally buy that large wood carving for your property! How do I do this? Go to the event, watch the transformation and talk to the carver about your bid. Very important - review the Masterpiece Purchasing process!  The Town of Frederick Arts Commission will have the opportunity to outbid you. All bids will be finalized by the Town on Saturday, July 23 no later than 4 pm. Questions? Contact Jessica at 720.382.5512.

2022 Carvers

Carver Bio Contact Info
Ryan Anderson
Salem, OR

Ryan Anderson is a performing artist at Sculptures In Motion in Reedsport, Oregon. He first picked up a chainsaw in the summer of 2005 in order to attend a Marine Biology school. He began spending his Summers competing in competitions and fairs. He found that he loved what he was doing, traveling the U.S., and being inspired by those around him. 

“The thrill and adrenaline rush that I get from competing is unlike any experience. The buzzing of surrounding chainsaws from competitors around me, the inspiration of the sculpture I’m creating, and the music in my ears keep the beat going.”

Ryan Anderson Instagram
Justin Driver
Farmington, KY

“Born a twin in a dark and dusty town, I was always looking for a way to stand out, so I married my beautiful wife and had some beautiful children, and picked up a chainsaw and now here I am…. Well most of that’s true I am not sure if it was actually a dark and dusty town…. But it could of been.” 

Justin Driver finds a lot of his inspiration from nature, but he mainly likes to just have fun while carving. He usually has an idea of what he will carve, but the log makes the final decision. 

Justin Driver Facebook
Fernando Dulnuan
Wellston, OK

Coming soon!

Coming soon!
Chris Foltz
South Bend, OR 
Chris Foltz is a world-class wood and ice sculptor with a passion for culinary. He holds a degree in culinary and has worked in kitchens all over the world for most of his life. His first competition was the Oregon Divisional Chainsaw Sculpting Championship in Reedsport OR., where he earned “rookie” of the year. When Chris is not sculpting ice elephants, creating culinary art, or carving a log, he is a husband and father of three boys.  
Chris Foltz Instagram
Philip "Blacka" Kajemusuk
Boulder, CO
Philip "Blacka" Kajemusukwas was born in East Africa. He came to America in 2006 and now lives in the mountains with his family. He has always been tinkering and creating since he was a young boy. Philip finds his inspiration from looking at the wood itself. “Every piece is inspired by what I can see in the log beforehand.” 
Coming soon!
Matt Ounsworth
Fort Collins, CO 

Matt Ounsworth (aka Matt O Chainsaw) is an award-winning artist from Fort Collins, Colorado. Matt started carving when his wife Amanda asked him to carve her a bear. Matt, an arborist at the time, had plenty of chainsaws to put to work. He had so much fun in the process that he did more and more carvings, eventually turning his hobby into a full-time profession. Matt draws his inspiration from many areas. The two most reliable sources of inspiration are other artists and the natural world. As Matt says, “Let the log speak and give the inspiration.” 

Coming soon!
Niels Ejnar Petersen
Brædstrup, Denmark

 Niels Ejnar Petersen is a 57-year-old chainsaw carver from Denmark who has been carving for most of his life. His childhood whittling developed into chainsaw carving in 1994, and by 2006, he began professionally carving. Neil travels with carving, attending events and competitions in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Germany, Holland, and Norway.
Niel and his wife Margrethe have three grown kids and three grandchildren.

Coming soon!
Joe Srholez
Gypsum, CO 
Joe Srholez has been a full-time professional carver for five years now. He began carving in 2000 by building log homes. As it went on, he began to carve more and started doing farmer’s markets and art shows until he made the jump to full-time.
Joe Srholez Instagram
Joe Wenal
Orland, ME
Joe Wenal lives in Orland, Maine, and has been carving for 12 years. Joe is a returning participant and has competed in Chainsaws & Chuckwagons three times. “I like to have an idea of what I’m going to carve, but the log is usually the deciding factor.” 
Joe Wenal Instagram
Molly Wiste
Hackensack, MN
Molly Wiste has been chainsaw carving since 2008 and has been able to travel around the US and overseas to chainsaw carving events and competitions. She loves carving North American wildlife as well as people. She has been to Frederick several times and loves the area and the people. She finds inspiration from her middle school art students in Bemidji, Minnesota, spending time in nature, hunting, and fishing. “I usually know what I am going to carve before I arrive at an event, but do have to make adjustments depending on what log I draw."
Molly Wiste Facebook

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