Site Specific

Once conceptual work is complete, the land is divided into lots for development. Then it is time to create final plans. Final plans include where buildings will be and other improvements on the site that have to be made.

Public improvements must exist, or be constructed and accepted by the town. This must happen before a building permit can be issued for residential development. The same process applies before a certificate of occupancy can be issued for commercial or industrial development.

Final Development Plan (FDP)

A Final Development Plan (FDP) must be submitted for projects on properties with a PUD overlay. The FDP outlines how the regulations for the proposed project would differ from those allowed by the zoning district. The FDP also shows what kinds of improvements would be provided in return for that flexibility.

Final Development Plan applications are required to go through the Minor Application Process. They are reviewed by town staff and approved by the Planning Commission before final acceptance by the Board of Trustees.

Plot Plan

A Plot Plan is a smaller scale site plan for single residential lots showing building footprint, easements and utility locations.
Plat Plans must go through the Administrative Application Process, and are reviewed and approved by town staff.

Site Plan

Site Plan is the final planning stage before building permits are issued. This happens right before construction of a commercial or industrial project. The site plan contains the proposed footprint of the building. It also includes easement and utility locations, landscape plans, grading plans, and architectural elevations.

Site Plan applications require going through the Administrative Application Process and are reviewed and approved by town staff.