How do I find out more about oil and gas wells?

There are several places where you can go to may find out more information, including the following:

American Petroleum Institute 202.682.8000

Colorado Oil and Gas Conversation Commission 303.894.2100 / complaint line 888.235.1101

Colorado Oil and Gas Association 303.861.0362

Anadarko / Kerr McGee 800.800.1101

Civitas (Formerly Crestone) 720.440.6100 or 800.578.5610

Extraction Oil & Gas 720.557.8300

Before you Dig - Utility Notification Center of Colorado / 811 800.922.1987

Gas Pipelines - Public Utilities Commission 303.894.2000

Geological Maps and Publications - Colorado Geological Survey 303.866-2611

Oil & Gas Severance Tax - Department of Revenue 303.238.7378

Produced Water Discharge Permits - CDPHE/Water Quality Control Division 303.692.3524

Service Stations/Storage Tanks (inspections, complaints, etc.) - CDLE/Division of Oil & Public Safety 303.318.8507

State Oil & Gas Leases/Auctions - 303.866.3454

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